Hmmmmm Morphine??

Discussion in 'General' started by THCeeds, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. ok... i have aquired alot of these blue 15 mg morphine pills and was wondering tha best way to have a good time off these little things... ive snorted 2-3 before and it wasent so great... i heard you cant take it orally enless you eat like 100 mgs.... but than i read some expeirences on erowid and some people were taking 60 mgs orally and felt GREAT i would realy like to take these without snorting them.... does anyone here have any expeirnce with taking morphine orally...


    please help im trying to figure this out before tha end of tha night so i can try these bad lads out tonight :smoke:
  2. I had 2 10mg morphine pills, ate 1 1/2, snorted a 1/2, and i felt fantastic...

    top of page 2, what Ars Moriendi said about the seems like it would work the same with the morphine and apparently it killer to take pills that way..

    Don't take my word on this though, haven't tried it yet...maybe you'll recieve the honor of Ars posting on here to enlighten u- if they knows something
  3. hmm im not sure i understand tha whole cold filtering shit plus.... i wanna be able to take these tonight sometime shortly b4 i fall asleep


    PLEASE someone give me some help... theres gotta be someone here on grasscity thats addicting to morphine and knows what there doing ;) heh.... or something... *shrugs*
  4. hmm youve railed 45mg of morphine and not felt much?

    bottom line, snorting it will deliver it much quicker than orally.. oral ingestion is the worst in terms of drug use.

    if 45mg didnt do shit, id say do 45mg.. then wait and see how you feel and judge your next rails from that.

    60-80mg of morphine is a nice opiate buzz.
  5. yeh kingpin... i wanna try avoiding snorting them should i just lick tha time realase off them and than swallow 60 mgs worth? or what??

    somone please.... anyone... lol
  6. the buzz from morphine pills was weak for me, ive taken 100mg and didnt feel much
  7. Yeah i mean if you're opposed to snorting then yes.. suck the TR coating off and take whatever you feel comfortable.. im sure you know but its better to start off light then up the dose... rather than pop 60-80 and then start feeling nausious.

    Im jealous as fuck.. I havent had any opiates since I ran out of poppy pods. :(
  8. allright so thats it than... lick off tha coating of 4 of these pups and swallow em?

    each pill is 15 mgs...
  9. yeah id start with 4.. wait about 30-45 minutes and see how you feel.. then redose depending on how you feel.
  10. allright well here goes nothing.. suckin' on 4 as we speek

    heh... that just sound fuckin' gay..... suckin on 4 heh ><

    well here goes nothin..

    ill keep this thread updated incase yall are intrested in knowin how it works
  11. w8 a sec... b4 i swallow these... ive tooken tranquilizers today.... is that ganna be a bad mix...

    pills are within inches from my mouth... anyone can awsner that quesetion b4 i swallow these?
  12. great.. i should be around later.. im going to pick my girl up in about 10 minutes then watch superbad.. again. lol.

    im sure ill see ya around later :)
  13. I wouldnt worry about the tranquilizers.. as long as you arent feeling anything from them anymore.
  14. thanks for tha help man have fun with tha movies and your girl....

    PS... superbad is so fuckin funny
  15. just pop them, extracting is pretty hard especially if you don't really need to do it.

  16. i dont need to extact anything ive already eatin 4 of em.... idk when i ate them prlly about 3 mins ago lol
  17. allright well its been about 30 mins i think... and im startin to feel it... i ate another one about 5-10 mins ago... so i have 75 mgs of morphine in my system

    barley feeling it right now tho
  18. you feeling anything yet?
  19. haha i just ate another one like 2 mins ago... in total now ive eatin 7 and im debating on eating another... so i got 105 mgs in me right now... and i can still barley feel it... ive been eating tha other 3 pills over time tho

    i think eventully when they all are disolved ill feel good...

    hmm not very impressive idk why everyone at school wants these bitches....

  20. yea they were disapointing to me too, ate 100mg and didnt feel shit

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