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  1. Alright, so I'm in the market for a bong, actually my first one and am willing to spend around $200. I've been researching quite a bit and some possibilities are a 1000ml EHLE., the 9mm thick HVY beaker, or maybe even a different HVY straight or beaker. What do you guys feel would be my best bet? Feel free to include other products I haven't listed or even additional parts to add since my choices do very quite a bit in price.

    I can add links if you would like.
  2. First of all, OP, congratulations on stepping out into the world of glass. That 1000mL Ehle would serve you well, but I dont know what you specifically want in your new bong. If you could post a small amount more information it would really help me help you.

    What will this bong be used for? (Obviously "smoking weed JohnnyBlaze, you clown" is an acceptable answer) More specifically, will this be your daily driver?

    Is concealment an issue?

    Do you plan on traveling with your piece?

    Is $200 your ceiling or just a ballpark figure? Also, does that price include any attachments that may improve your piece? (i.e. ashcatcher/precooler, carbon filter, external percolator, internal percolator)

    Answer even a few of those and I'll be more than happy to help out (although you seem to already be on the right path)

  3. yes important questions to consider before investing in an investment. is an internal percolator important for you or even a consideration? you have decent price to be able to swim in a glass of choices. I'd even stretch it as far as the $250 mark, as it'll only get wider and wilder for ya. good luck and post a milk of the winner :hello:
  4. Yeah, sorry I realized after I didn't really give too much information so here is some more:

    At first I was thinking of an internal percolator but after much consideration I started leaning away because I don't really know how strong internals really are. I've used them and all and seen some just fine but it sucks whenever you run into glass with something broken inside. Because of this I was thinking of just getting a straight or beaker and adding an ash catcher, that way if it does break I could always replace it for much cheaper. My logic may be off but that is what was going through my mind so I might be wrong.

    Concealment isn't really an issue since I live on my own but I do plan on using it quite a bit and don't really want anything too massive and more of a daily so I thought 15-18 would be a solid size for me.

    Also, $200 isn't really a cieling but more of a preference that can be stretched.

    One more thing, I'm not too familiar with carbon filters because I've never used one but any sort of an attachment is an option if you guys feel it is worth while. I've been leaning towards an alex k downstem and an inline precooler but I'm not really sure what goes good with what.

  5. well my first set up was pretty much right up your alley, I had a 9mm Left Coast straight tube (heavy as lead, strong as an ox), a Luke Wilson 6 arm downstem and a Name Brand (that's the name of the brand, lol) inline precooler/ ashcatcher. Smooooothest hitting piece I've hit to date and ripped nice and fast. It also provided for a lot of options when smoking, could have just the tube, or add the ashcatcher or use the ashcatcher as a bubbler with a mouthpiece attachment. if you need some help deliberating between a straight tube and a beaker, the straight tube milks and clears faster while the beaker bottom while clear slower but with more volume. IMO straight tubes work best with ashcatchers.
  6. Good questions OP, and thanks for the extra info. Of those choices I would probably look at whatever HVY tube you can get and upgrade the downstem with a luke wilson, alex k, or sovereignty...whichever you like best.

    If you can stretch the price a bit you can look at apix glass by smily agent, who can make a killer setup for that range...check out this thread:
    there is an example on page 2 or 3 of smilyagent's work (he is a user on this forum, you can pm him for a quote on what you want)
    or you can look at EFS or GMD/GWO's tubes, both have threads here, just search for it.
    You may easily be able to get something under 200, or something fantastic a bit over 200 from those blowers. Those tubes generally offer higher diffusion, so if you generally smoke just flowers (no concentrates or vapes, or rarely) then those would be fantastic choices.
    The customs may take a few weeks (possibly longer) to get, but it would be worth it.

    Another option is DWB's logic line on artfire, which start at $300, but they have a 20% discount, and shipping is $ it comes out to $280 and you can get a wonderful tube from them too. look for DWB glass' facebook for a link to the artfire page to check those out.

    Straight tubes clear faster, beakers hold more smoke..I prefer straight, but thats the main difference, and its just a personal preference.
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    Where are gwo/gmd available for purchase or where I could I contact them? There's really only like one legitimate headshop around here and the rest just sell fake roors and production glass.

    If I do end up going with a hvy would the flat joint be a possible problem when running an a/c or would the downstem give off enough height for the a/c to clear the beaker?
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    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 18, 2011 is the email address you want to use to contact for pricing. There is also a GWO Facebook page with some pics and examples of work.

    Also, I'm pretty certain that any HVY tube you choose will be compatible with nearly any decent ashcatcher, so your options for that are wide open, OP.

    And since I haven't seen anyone address it yet, I believe that a carbon adapter attachment is the best cheap upgrade you can make to your bong, period. I have one on both of my current DD setups, and wont own a bong in the future without one.
  9. Thanks for the help I really appreciate it. I tried emailing that address but it says that that address is no longer valid.
  10. That would be because I'm a dumbass and typed "organge". Now fixed. My bad.
  11. haha I should have caught that myself

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