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  1. have four 2 week old seedlings .. one hawaiian sativa and three skunks .. the hawaiian seems to be going gangbusters ... looks very healthy .... one of the skunks is doing okay too but the other 2 look pretty sickly ... one has droopy leaves and the outside half of the leaves is yellow .. the other the leaves are yellowish and have curled up .... have the 4 under 2 100w cool fluros ... started them in a soil especially for seedlings so think ferts are okay ... have been watering once every 2 to 3 days .. soil has good drainage .. temp in the room is in low 70's .. anyway ... don't know if the 2 sick seedlings will make it through .. the one with the curled leaves may already by a goner .. but for future reference was wondering what might of happened .. many thanks .. am gonna attempt to attach some images here in a couple of minutes ..
  2. sounds very much like overwatering, you have checked the soil?
  3. yeah .. kinda reckoned the yellow leaves meant overwatering .. but wanted to get an experienced opinion ..was checking the soil and thought I was being careful ..maybe water once every 4 days now .. is there any way to save the 2 seedlings?
  4. if the soil is too moist then let it dry out a bit before watering, otherwise, as they're only seedlings you may want to just pull them and start some new seedlings.

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