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  1. So I got a wooden cabinet 54 tall 20 wide 38 long :-\. I got three plants in there 3rd week of flowering. The three of them are lined up left to right there's two around 25 inches and one thats 20 inches in the middle. I have 12/12 light cycle with 11, 26w 2700k cfls 2 26w 6500k cfls, And 1 68w huge cfl 2700k.
    I setup the tall plants on the far right and far left with the lil guy in the middle. This way i can put the big cfl in the middle right above the lil guy and the two big guys are getting light on the sides/top. I got the lil'er cfls 4 of them each on the tops of the big plants the lil guy tho has only room for the huge cfl seeing how I rly cant setup anything above it no room. I got on the back floor behind the plants a lamp setup with 1 6500k cfl 26w/ 1 2700k cfl 26w on the lower levels of the plants in the middle so its evenly giving light to the 2 plants on the left at same time.Also another 2700k 26w on the other side (front)floor in front of the plants but its only getting a lil light to the two plants on the right.

    2 mini desktop fans on the floor moving air around too

    and 1 attach duct fan saw'd into the side of the cabinet two to vent the air

    been using fox farm trio pack right now been giving 1 teaspoon of big bloom/1 teaspoon of tiger bloom together in a gallon of tap water. I soak them till they drain water out the bottom.Then wait 3-5days till the soil is completely dry'd out.

    The plants seem to be getting a lot hairs all over the main stem from just above the middle point on up. there also clusters forming on the tops of other stems too.

    My problem is I'm really tight on space and there leave r tangling up with each other clover up important clusters from light there just big fan leafs. I was wondering if i should just clip them off would it really hurt the plant of i started clipping the big non hair cluster leafs off? Also it seems like the lower levels in middle where sum tiny cluster are trying to form arnt really getting light. idk what to do............ shit....
    rly want light to reach the lower and middle level of clusters

    the mid level stems with clusters r rly spreading out could i just wrap a string all the way around them to push the stems to go up.would this cause any problems.

    sorry if some of this doesnt make sense im half asleep


    i cant leave pictures SORRY FOR NON :(
  2. sounds like you need to cut back some foliage
  3. i wana but everyone says dont cut any leafs off

    sorry... couldn't really read that...

    don't cut after two weeks into flower or later... slows things way down

    if you run into problems with fan leaves after that.... go to home depot and purchase a giant roll of twisty ties for 3 bucks in their garden section... loosely bind the large leaves together and tuck them out of the way to expose bud sites...t his way there's no stress on the plant and the canopy opens up and gets the light on the buds
  5. the twisty tie is a good idea ill try it thx man
  6. Throw away the weakest plant...der der der
  7. they all look rly good tho even the 20'incher
  8. Toss it! Better to have 2 strong plants with grow ro than 3 plants all fighting for light
  9. they all look healthy.... just figured i could get bigger buds if i had light lower
  10. dam plant is up to 30 inches now trimd a lot bottom brush / couple fan leafs in the middle to bring in xtra light also set'd up more lamps with cfls on lower level>

    hope i didnt hurt my girls to much :(

    also tied plant wire around the big girl cuz she was bushing out to much

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