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hmmmm any ideas? traveling long distance for weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Liqweed, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. #1 Liqweed, Oct 3, 2010
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    ok, so I just moved to chicago cause im going to school here, and so far I havent found any hookups for some nice trees yet, but I assume that will come with time and when I meet people in my classes. But I was wondering something, do you think it is worth it for me to go to my parents house about 4 hours away just to get some bud?

    I mean, gas is expensive, and I really dont have a reason to go home, but I could find one I forgot some video games or something. I just dont know if it is worth it.

    On one hand I could stop smoking for a while until I find a good hookup, but on the other hand....I have a great dealer in my hometown, and I could just pick up from him and visit home every once in a while.

    The other thing is driving with bud. I really dont like to do it, even though I am a good and safe driver, plus indiana and illinois are not that weed friendly. If I got a 1/2 O or an Ounce in my hometown and drove it to here and got pulled over and searched in either of those two states, I am pretty sure I would be fucked... and I go to school, and I use federal aid. would be my first offense though.

    just trying to weigh the options....I will mapquest a gas price for my vehicle and tell you guys how much it would be to go there and back.

    edit: it would be about $50 in gas, round trip.
  2. Hell no man, you'll find yourself some kill over here in Chitown, believe me. Depending on where you're going to school you should be able to find a hook on your first day in class.
  3. Don't drive 4 hours. I was in your same position a couple weeks ago, as I also started college 3 hours away from home. I'm sure that if you ask around you can find some good bud easy. I honestly went up every floor on my building and asked people who looked like stoners if they knew where I could get some, and I got 4 or 5 contacts that all sell good shit. Its easy to find, especially at college, but you just need to look.
  4. I just moved into a new city and I take a half an hour drive back to my old town to get a 1/2. To me its almost not worth driving a that far to get it so four hours is CRAZY. You're gonna have to find a new connect anyways unless you wanna take that drive anytime you need bud. Find someone new its not that hard to get a connect in college.
  5. Make the drive once and pick up a nice bag to last you until you find a new connect
  6. yea, I guess its just a little different here than most universities. I am at a small college, and we dont have dorms, they just reserved some rooms in these apartments to rent out to students, so its not really an atmosphere where people have their doors open and shit like dorms. As far as meeting people in class goes, that will be tough for me, but I guess I will have to, I usually dont make friends easily because I have a bit of social anxiety, that and I prefer being by myself most of the time, being around too many people makes me really anxious. We wear uniforms so its not like I can go in there wearing a rasta shirt, but perhaps the first few days of class I should try to if I can I guess.

    Plus, I have been smoking dank daily for a good two months and I am starting to get a tolerance. If I quit smoking now, I know that I will have a hard time eating for the next week or two, and I dont think I will be able to sleep well. but maybe a small week t break is best until I find a connect. I would say im pretty good at knowing who smokes.

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