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hmmm? will it work?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Coldgreenetea, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. ok so i got munchies and i put some shake anf keif in my easy mac bowl and some penut butter...will it work? its been boiling for like 6min now and it looks like the plant material is a lot aquishier.
  2. lmao that sounds like something id do extremely right now..i think it could possibly perhaps work? eat it and post the results in like a half hour..dude my arm feels like theres a spike on my laptop..woah..peace n pot bro:hello::smoking:
  3. yea it will work since thc is dairy and fat soluable

  4. FALSE!!

    Sure it is soluble to dairy because it has fat in it, but easy mac doesn't have the right temperature and time for the thc to activate. Think of it this way, you cook weed into brownies at like 320 degrees for 25 mins, you cook easy mac for like 5 minutes.
  5. oh shoot, i hope i didnt put as much keif as i thought i did in there.....I might be getting the highest ive ever been before because everything is moving up ahaha and i was already high and then an edibnle is coming omg watch ouot!!!!!!
  6. prepare for takeoff...and the best mac and cheese ever

  7. forgot it was easy mac i just read, "will it work", "mac and cheese", and "kief"
    and went straight to conclusion
  8. (((((((((((((((ITS((((THE(((((MICROWAVESSS((((((((MAAN?!(((((((((ITS(((((((GETS(((((((THE((((THC(((((OUT(((((:)bongin:
  9. i puts the lotion on the skin
  10. and hits the bong again
  11. Idk if it worked actually....I ate it about 1/2hr after I smoked a bowl....then I smoked another bowl like 30min after that...and I didnt feel nothing.....oh well, i just picked up an eighth and its all good.
  12. Why is it trolled? I honestly tried it and I reported my results, go feed the trolls elsewhere.
  13. ^this:)
  14. Ew you had peanut butter mac and cheese? What the fuck? That sounds horrid.
  15. it was fucking good too

  16. You think thats bad? When I was high earlier last year i put bologna, cheese, mayonnaise, pickle, mustard, peanut butter & jelly, chips, strawberry yogurt all on a sandwich, and it was great, so great that I got baked again the next night and ate another one.

    long live munchies! :smoking:

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