Hmmm.I think I'm gonna build a myself cabnet

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    Hey GC

    Im in the process of my first grow right now. check my sig if your intrested, its goin pretty rocky but im really enjoying it still. anyway i'm thinkin about building a cablet to grow a lowryder in after i harvest the plants im growing now.

    i have read many threads that people put up that build these things. As for me, im going to look for something (or build from sratch) about 1ft deep x 1ft wide and like 3ft tall. (sound about right for one plant?) i know im gonna need some computer fans, white paint for the inside, homemade carbon filter, im probably gonna use 6'' pots, Fox Farm Ocean Forrest soil, and right now im thinking of using CFL's but thats what im here for.......
    1. What kind of light and how many watts would be required to grow a quality lowryder plant?
    2. Also, been doing some research on strains, anyone have any particular suggestions theat they grew and it turned out well?
    3. and is Fox Farms Ocean Forrest good for autoflowering/ lowryder type plants? just thinking since they have such a short veg period they might not use those nutes in it as much and need a different mix-o-shit for the flowering

    just planning on growin one plant at a time and hopefull have a little year round grow goin in my cabnet. any suggestions would be great :D

    EDIT after a little more extensive searching i found out that with CFL's most people use between 100-175w per plant......does this sound about right? still , if anyone has the perfect set up with CFL's and you wanna help i'll definately throw some+rep your way
  2. Bump--No Love? Come on GC, I know some of yall have experience with these cabnet grows please give me some pointers
  3. Bump--really guys? 46 views and yall have zero suggestions or answers to my questions?

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