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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by straitsb, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. I don't know if I'll get flamed for this.. the thread get moved.. or what.. but this is what crossed my mind.

    Your all in here talking about legalizing marijuana because of all the great benefits. You're right, it should. But who here smokes marijuana for medicinal purposes?

    Isn't it kind of not our place to be fighting for it to be legal for that purpose? I mean, I want it legal too, everyone is right, it does do a lot more help than harm, but what reason over weighs the rest? Because we want to smoke it without the worry of the law. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is more concerned for it to be legalized so I can smoke it safely in my own home, than for it to help for medicinal purposes.

    I don't, just a thought that I had.. maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm just really high.

  2. Even if our only reason is so we can smoke it ourselves, getting it legalized for medicinal purposes first is at least a step in the right direction.
  3. Yea, I know, it is the right step.

    But what I'm saying is.. we don't need it for medicinal purposes.. whether anyone admits it or not, we don't need it at all. So fighting for people who really need it is kind of using them to our advantage, which isn't right.

    Does what I'm saying make any sense? Or should I be quiet before I make any ememies?

    anyway, I'm off to bed.
  4. I see what you're saying. I don't think we're really using, just because you don't need medicinal marijuana now, doesn't mean you won't in the future.
  5. Youre not using them or taking advantage of them. Youre helping them. The more people who back medicinal weed the easier it will be to get it working. Im sure these people dont mind you helping them ease the pain/sleep/whatever even if it is just to get weed legal for you.

    If youre about to die, and someone saves you, but they only save you to become a "hero", do you care? Would you have rather died than have someone be the hero? Or are you like 'ok this guy saved me, i dont care why he did it, aslong as he did it'?

    Helping their purpose to help your purpose is still helping their purpose. :p

    Im high.
  6. I could be wrong, so please correct me if I am..

    But maryJ helps people with whatever pain, this or that, you know, whatever it is.

    But.. when did it start actually saving lives? I'm sure if there was a case that maryj actually SAVED a life, it would have been legal long time ago. But to my understanding, it just helps ease the pain and such. And fights off some cancer [?].
  7. I don't think he meant that MJ would literally save your life if you had it, I think it was just meant as a metaphor.
  8. Maybe I misinterpret things?

    Just looks to me like comparing someone saving someone elses life.. to legalizing mj.

    Would have been better like.. help someone out to... legalizing it.

    But to compare it to saving life is just a bit extreme.

    Moving on up.. post #200...

    thats so petty.

  9. WRONG!

    cannabis can, and has saved many, many lives.

    i wouldnt be alive today if it werent for cannabis.

    one high profile example,

    Peter McWilliams.

    look him up on google if you dont know who he is.

    he died because he was denied his most vital medication.

    i wont tell you how he died, because i think it will be much more compelling, moving if you read the whole story.... so go find it. if not google, then had a few good articles on him.

    rest in peace Peter, your death was not in vain. it inspired many who did not know to become active.
  10. also, one other little point....

    THC and CBD both have been proven to destroy cancer cells... that sounds pretty life saving to me.

  11. Well, let's apply that to something else. Men can't have babies in the sense that they don't come from their bodies yet they fight for or against abortion. Technically, it wouldn't be their place to do that. People aren't animals yet they fight for the rights of animals. Not their place either, technically. We're not trees either yet we fight for them to stay alive and not be chopped down in order to save the rain forests. I'm not an elderly person, yet I fight for their rights. I'm also not a teenager but I still will fight for the rights that I believe they are entitled.

    So, only people who are using MaryJane medicinally are supposed to fight for the legal use of it? What about those who can't physically fight the fight, the ones who are too sick and in too much pain...who's going to fight for them, if not us? The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, obviously, is the first step to legalization for recreational use and we'd all be selfish as hell to not fight the whole fight and just fight for ourselves.

    Also, you never know when you'll need it for medicinal purposes, yourself. Life is funny like that. It'll surprise you with obstacles unimaginable.

  12. MJ can definatly save lives. Personal experience: It's eased depression and insomnia for me. The combination of the two is harsh, and I'm too... proud, I suppose, to go on "traditional" meds. After being up for 3 straight days 'cause you can't sleep, death seems like a valid option.

    Not to mention, if MJ can help anyone better their life, even if it's not a lifesaver, why shouldn't it be allowed?
  13. Ok, so everyone was getting their great points across, they made plenty of sense. But I still had the sense of abusing the right to protest for legalization for medicinal purposes. But this right here put it all into perspective for me.

    Bravo. :D

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