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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mthrfckrz, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. okay i finally got a clone to succeed very well.

    planted it in Fox Farm - Ocean Forest Soil

    it's been going very well until it's last watering...

    i noticed a few days later it started to show these yellowish marks..

    i dont know if its a nute problem already... which i have not fed it any only when i had to flush once to help it live w/ Fox Farm - Big Bloom & Big Grow..

    i noticed a week later it grew bigger and greener..

    but after it's last watering 2 days ago it now has lead to this.






    someone please try to help me out asap.. it also just showed it's pistils today... dont wanna loooose her.. =/

    ohh yeah i also got 4 cfl's on her... they are about 4 -5 inches away w/ a fan on them for no heat.

    i started off with 1 slowly monitored the growth and turned on a light one by one... maybe 4 was too much for this stage?

    thankz in advance!
  2. how big were the roots when you put it in the pot of soil? not to accuse you or anything, but did you actually measure how far the lights were from the plant, because it looks like heat stress IMO. the reason i ask is because only the top is yellow, and i had the same problem when i gew with CFLs before.

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