hmmm...for the broke stoner... hehe :)

Discussion in 'General' started by 6ganjaprincess9, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. ok i pretty much never have money becuz im a total dumb ass who decides to spend money on dubs and dimes instead of buyin in bulk....soooo, wenever im truly cravin weed i feel like i smell it in the air, i start seeing things that remind me of pot, and most people around me start to look like dealers to me... lol...

    so my question is: have u guys ever just wanted bud so much that u think u smell it in the air or see it?
  2. No, but then it's been a long time since I haven't had bunches of it around.
  3. really? i thought u grew ur own buds ... hmmmm
  4. I do. Read what I wrote's been a long time since I DIDN'T have BUNCHES of it laying around ;)
  5. oooo...ur an evil little man, putting so much emphasis on the its ok this weekend imma eat some good ole firecrackers...see where that takes me... but...enjoy ur weed man, happy tokin!! :D

  6. Too bad I don't make business trips to NJ anymore or I'd share. Up until last Nov. I was going to the Morristown area every other week.
  7. I think I'm gonna start buying in bulk,
    everyone says that it's a lot better.

  8. like two weeks ago my whole school smelled like chronic, no joke. Although I turned to my friend and he smelled it too...

    must've been the janitors harvesting their supply closet grow :D
  9. Yup yup.

    I buy zips or nothin'.

    Which sucks since my market doesn't do price cuts until the QPs.
  10. Yeah, don't buy in small quantities unless absolutely necessary.

    Half-Ounces and Ounces are where its at, think about it, you'll smoke that anyway constantly buying small amounts..
    So why not just buy it all at once? Less dealer interaction, more weed at your fingertips and you save easily over $100 buying an ounce.
  11. What the fuck?!

    Price cuts are supposed to start at 1/8th of an ounce..
  12. Get a bowl. Build up your resin. Enjoy your weedless times. :smoke:
  13. Oklahoma's market is fucked, dude.

    Quarters are 25 and increase like that until the QP, which is 300.

    And it's schwag or low qualities mids.

    Might be blessed with some really good mids, but everything is bricked.
  14. Since I started smoking fairly regularly, I flinch every time i see a plastic bag :D.
  15. Okay well thats not too bad I guess.
    I thought you mean you were paying gram-for-gram (So like $280 an ounce)
    And the prices didn't drop until a QP, now THAT'D be bullshit.
  16. Eeew...

    That WOULD be bullshit.

    But I'm still irritated that I used to buy lids for 80 and the quality was pretty up.

    These past few years, things have just suuucked.
  17. I've been thinking of just growing, fuck the middle man, wait I am the middle man...:smoke: nvm fuck everything....

  18. Don't complain i'm struggleing to find a QP for six bills...i wish 300, fuck!
  19. I've slowly started buying more and more in bulk.

    It's nice not to have to buy stuff for a month and have a little extra cash in my pocket. :)
  20. I usually buy a quad or less.. I found shit gets a lot cheaper/free if you find a few people who want it, get the cash, buy it and then split theirs out.

    I'll get free/$5 quads and shit and I'm not ripping anyone off. Win-Win-Win all the way around :D

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