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  1. So i was wondering i had my plant for last couple weeks mayb evene 3 on ligth cycle of 12/12 should i leave it on there or change it plants r just starting flowering stage

    also most my cfl bulbs 26'w 'ers r all at the top of the leaf cover im tryign to have sum cfls below on the lower leaves just it seems like there not much light gfetting to the lower florwers...should i rly worry i also got a 68w= 300w cfl big bulb in the very middle of the 3 plants

    feed back plz
  2. You can flower whenever you want too, most veg for a month and then flower. How tall are yours?
  3. mid 20'2

    25 /20/24 the planst r has lots of hairs coming in

    but lot clusters r mid level and most the light is getting the top leaf cover

    i got mayb a couple light below trying to feed light but its very little
  4. I would leave it on a 12/12 cycle. If you could swing a little extra cash to get a few more bulbs down there, I would. Imho when dealing w/ cfls the more, the better. As long as you are managing your temps, putting lights low for growth under the canopy will increase yields.
  5. grrr not much room there very little for the 3 plants :-\

    Gnna be hard to get light lower levels

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