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  1. ok so as i was baked a thought came to my head...

    in the 40s and 50s a lot of people were into wholesome love making. having sex and talking about sex was forbidden. it was to make babies. the dirty magazines and strip clubs starting coming around but nudity was forbidden(in the magazines. i think they were allowed to be naked).

    but when bettie page came around in the late 40s and 50s people started getting interested. she modeled for playboy but a lot of people loved her as bondage bettie and notorious bettie. well you see the men that would be interested in this liked the whole tying their women up and whipping their women. they even liked it when the women would hit them back. and for generations this has been going on. now im not saying that she invented bondage but she was a big part of it. and when people get into these sort of things its about sex sometimes, but its mostly about power. feeling that adrenaline rush that you have control. its pretty hot when a girl comes up to you and says "pull my hair! smack my ass!" its as if she started mixing pain with sex.

    do you think thats where a lot of the violence started? why there are rapists out there? because they were raised to think that people like it when you hurt them?

    id like to point out that i am not bashing on bettie page. im actually very interested in her. and remember that i was high at the time so dont get mad about this post. i just wanted some feedback.
  2. imk pretty sure its a much older concept, she just slowly made it mainstream and not taboo..
  3. bettie page is SMOKING HOT




    I've always loved her :eek: :smoke:

    and bondage was around WAY before bettie page FYI
  4. no lie, shes been one of my heroes for some time now:eek:

    i cried when she died
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