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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Kirby, Apr 3, 2004.


was that straight or shady?

  1. straight

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  2. shady

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  1. so yeah ive been dry a day or so, but today i was smokin with these kids.. we were high as fuck.. then they told me to packed it, and i did. when i was packing it, i put like a gram in my pocket for later use. lol.. was that shady? whatever i needed the green. tell me if that was shady or straight
  2. That is shady,you never take another persons smoke without asking.You should hang your head in shame.
  3. iv done ti a few times my self,im not proud of it but i havent had any in like 2 months just cuz money was really low,but id say for the most part its straight
  4. Are you joking,any of my mates only have to ask and I would be prepared to share my gear,but the first fucker that I catch stealing from me loses a hand.
    I hate thieves!! they are low lifes,if you steal from your MATES
    who won't you steal from.It's like having a workplace thief, it makes everyone suspicious of everyone else,I think you don't deserve any mates and I'm glad you're not one of mine.
  5. ur a fag man, ur a lazy bum...either get a job or grow, u dont steal from ppl, especially not bud, thats fucked up, u need to read the Cannabible, and dont steal weed....dickhead, that wasnt shady that was dirtbag-ish
  6. not cool. at all.

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