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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ganj420, Apr 3, 2003.


Why is your main purpose of marajuana use?

  1. Getting high

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  2. Just cause

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  3. Just cause

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  4. Other

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  1. take the poll hehe
  2. too many "other" 's to list
  3. They're are a lot of reasons that I smoke weed. Most importantly, it's fun. I chose to get high, cause that's my intention when I do it.
  4. i get high for one sole reason: BECAUSE I F**KING LOVE IT!!!
    there is NO other reason...i LOVE the feeling it brings about

    i can't STAND it when my parents tell me i should quit, cause that would make me a really dull, sad person! it doesn't matter that it may or may not be unhealthy, it's the fact that I LOVE SMOKING WEED and will never quit unless i decide to! so bite me anyone who tells me i shouldn't do it!!!

  5. Medical reasons for the main part. Recreational use for all the other times.. lol
  6. smoke cause i like it and if i didnt i would be bored all day.... :)
  7. "Just cause" is a good enough reason for me!!! I chose the 2nd "just cause" for those who want to know. :)
  8. marijuana keeps my busy
  9. marijuana can make most any situation more pleasant, plus it helps me think
  10. Medical mostly, but I love the high too.
  11. smotting poke smurter makes me
  12. I like to smoke on weekdays to be laid back.... But on weekends I like to get pretty blazed up........:D:D:D:D

  13. very, VERY, well put Lucid;)

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