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hmm what to do?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by wanmower, May 13, 2010.

  1. i have a really amazing dealer. he hooks me up hella.
    but lately his weed has been...not so good.
    i dont know why, but it burns hella quick. ive been told it could be from spraying shit but i know my dealer very well. he doesnt do that.he has a very good rep.
    i dont know if its the weed or what.
    but i like him because of the prices. its basically $5-$10 a gram.

    but theres this other dealer i have thats alright.
    he wants to charge $25 for two grams.
    and yes, the weed is probably better quality cuz its from the club, but i dont know.
    i dont like the price.

    $20 almost an 1/8th of questionable bud
    or $25 for 2 grams of club bud.
  2. Well try the club bud for once, then compare it to your regular bud.
  3. I like where your head's at Led Zepp.

  4. Agreed
  5. I'm gonna have to agree with Led here and say get both, test and compare, also if you're on good terms with your dealer ask him what's up recently, this happened to me with a dealer and he got the issue, and made it up to me instantly (with more weed and another guy's number). ;)
  6. Well all i can say is 5-10 a gram cant be that high quality, unless your really lucky. Club weed is generally potent and 25 for 2g of dank is a damn good deal IMO. Also the speed at which your bowl burns depends on the dryness of the bud, how small you are grinding it, and how you are controlling your flame. If it was sprayed you should be able to taste it, but i dont think it would make it burn any faster. I agree with everyone else as well try the club weed, its probably better quality.
  7. Yeah +1 with Led Zepp

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