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  1. Like I'm not good enough for my girl. You guys feel like that sometimes?

    Well, its not really ME, but I feel like, in our society, some things that society (not me) consider important are things that I don't have and that I feel like I'm lacking in as compared to my girl. She says she's right there with me on the whole screw society thing, but I can tell that she is unknowingly attached to our society and clings to its morals and views a lot of times..I feel like one day she'll wake up and be like 'holy shit I could have had so much better' as far as a dude who has more going for him in the 'real world' as it is than I do.

    She has done nothing really recently to make me feel like this suddenly..its just sort of a thing that comes and goes with me when I get into thinking...I just think about her and how, compared to her, I'm so like..unperfect ya know? Not that I strive to be perfect, honestly I believe that if she believes that I'm not good enough for her (when the day comes if it does) then fuck it she can do whatever ya know? Its not my decision to hold her prisoner to me but like, when I look at her I see perfection and when I look at my self I see flaws and more flaws. Maybe I'm a bit pessimistic at times but Idk thats just how I feel sometimes.

    I hate it when I think like this cause then I start to think 'is a relationship even worth this bullshti where I have to criticize myself on my own accord because I can't get over my flaws which shouldn't bother me anyway?' It's not like I hate myself cause I don't, I love myself more than anything, I just feel like compared to her my impression or image or whatever is just like..a big smear of shit lol. Intimidated is how she makes me feel at times I guess. Maybe I'm getting the feeling that 'shes outta my league' and I'm scared she'll realize that one day. I mean I guess it'll end eventually but to think about it sucks ya know?
  2. Society is fucked up. I know where you're coming from though, I've let my mind wander there as well, but I just say to myself "Self. There will come a day that someone dear and near to my heart will leave me, and even though it's going to hurt, a lot, there's absolutely no point, except self-debilitation, to think about it now. It's the little moments, the emotions behind all of life's events, that will be most prevalent in my memory, and it's up to me whether or not the majority of those memories are happy or sad." So theres no point in worrying about something like that, all you can do is take life on a day by day basis and make yourself ,and anyone available, as happy as possible.
  3. It's because you're not.

    no, but she sounds like a cool chick.
  4. People become attracted to people for different reasons. Sometimes they enter into relationships and it never makes sense why that hot slutty chick is hanging with that biker gang guy. Waht does he offer her? He can barely hold a job, he lives on the road, what does he do for her that she could possibly like?

    You'll never know the answer because he gives her something only she wants and likes, otherwise she would leave. Sometimes it's for love, other times it's because she likes the dangerous world he lives in, sometimes it's because of the money he provides and she likes how she'll always be financially secure.

    Now, why does your girl stay with you when you think you're so unworthy of her? Possibly because you do something for her or she sees something in you only she wants and loves. Also, don't forget that maybe you feeling this way impacts on her that you hold her in such high regard as a person.

    BTW, never tell her this. I might make you sound weak in front of her.

    Just remember, she stays with you and loves you over all the flaws you have and that's one of the hardest parts about relationships is seeing past the flaws, the imperfections to the core person beneath that and giving that person your heart when they could just take yours and rip it apart. She loves and trusts you for who you are and that's beautiful.
  5. Why I date girls lesser than me. I'm not an ugly guy, so usually they are the cute type.

    I never date girls with fake eyes, fake colored hair, gucci bags, and whatnot. You can never please them and some douche always makes more money than you.
  6. So, if I'm supposed to buy a girl stuff? doesn't that make her a hoe?:confused:

    sorry, I'm just kinda cheap. My brother was the same way when he was my age, too. runs in the family I guess. lol
  7. I buy them normal stuff and decent guy does. I never buy them bags, clothes, junk, etc. I'll buy them food, movie tickets, drinks, and holiday stuff.

    Usually, if you date 'lesser' chicks, they buy you stuff. By lesser I don't mean ugly, but your average girl next door type.
  8. lol my gf at sou used to drive me around and stuff. I didn't have any money for insurance cuz I didn't work and I spent my money on weed and beer.

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