hmm reconsidering what i said...

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, May 5, 2006.

  1. well a couple weeks ago i dropped shrooms. it was my first time doing them alone and something crazy happened to me.

    well the more i think about it i think i was false i nwhat i said. i just dont think ill ever do them alone. i made a promise to myself id slow down on weed (hasnt really happened) and no more of anything else. well last night i popped a klonopin (which i really liked). but i think im going to go back on what i said...

    i dont know :confused:

    what youd you guys do?
  2. look on all my trips i think 'oo wahts the point of doin drugs whats the high whats it mean why do i do it.. should i do it .. then near the end i dont want to do drugs anymore and i want to make my life better .. but when i come off the shrooms next day ull find me blazin.. dont worry about it shrooms were just messin w ya do what u enjoy now and fuck it .. idk .. make sence?
  3. does now... cuz that EXACTLY what happened... i dosed up, loved it. about an hoiur later im thinking to myself "i dont need drugs to enjoy life." which is true. after that trip i came to the understanding that i dont need anything. now i realize i was just trippin hard that night. it felt like a "life changing expierence" but heh... just a trip.

    thats what i dont like about shrooms. they fuck with your head and your thoughts. i hear acid isnt quite like that. thats the only part i hate about shrooms. thats the first time it really set in my mind. might have something to do with the fact i was alone. who knows.
  4. i shroomed no more than a week ago and i thought about quitting to. getting out of the game was the big thing on my mind.

    i couldn't sleep for a while that night, i just felt like i should stop.

    woke up the next day and blazed before work. shrooms just make you question a lot of things. and though i don't know a whole lot, i know the answer to whether or not i should keep smoking.
  5. yeah i've experienced similar shroom trips...psychadelics are pretty intense ...idk acid definitely can fuck with you too though lol...if you are tripping you never really know what's gonna happen... that's why i don't do it too often. some people trip a lot and i just dont know how they do it.

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