hmm light movers?

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  1. I heard that using 1 hps light on 1 light mover is the equivalent to using 2 hps lights there any truth to this?
  2. Not quite but set up properly with a several light set up you can get pretty good results and save on the amount of lights.

    I'd say a light rail would be good to cover 4x6 area with one light.
  3. ive thought about getting some of these. but you gotta see this vid......

    [ame=""]YouTube - Aerolights v1.2[/ame]
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    Thanks for posting my video's an honor. Doesn't seem to have gotten any response though...:devious:, lol

    Be sure to watch the other, 12 or so...
    ...and would you tell me how you embedded the player in your post?? plz
  5. Onenumcat, that's your setup? Just skimmed the video, very clever, hat's off to you and +rep. Are you old enough to know about Rube Goldberg?
  6. i've never used them but i've done a lot of homework on them and apparently a single hps on a light rail will give you better results than just a single static hps but light rails are really meant to be used in (at least) pairs

    best setup up is to have two hps's on two light rails shuttling towards each other so they cross over in the middle

    hope that helps

  7. the forum embedded it not me.
    youve gotten your responses here at GC, and your welcome.........
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    I'm probably old enough, but do I care enough to know...probably not, lol. I don't care about politics or media, so don't pay any attention to them...I'm 40. thanks for the rep and compliment. the Aerolights are working great for me. you can see the 'weed' videos on YouTube as well as 'lights' videos, lol.

    ok, thanks. I've been posting my grow journal and pics on another site. didn't really know other weed forums existed...shoulda known!! rofl anyway, it's nice to see ppl are taking notice of Aerolights, it's doing wonders for me.

    all should know, my goal, atm, is not for size, but to avoid males...out of 25 plants, I have 3 feminized, and two others, Lowryder#2, are females, now. I'm shooting for '0' males!
    here are a few pics, a Mango, taken on 2/12, 2/17 and 2/19. lookin good.
    and a general 'crop' pic. there are 6 strains; Lowryder#2, Medibud, Jack Herer, SS Haze, Mango and THC Bomb. LR2 will be ready soon. all seeds sowed 1/12-1/23, 2009. all others harvested from 4/25-5/30.

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  9. Ha! Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist who was famous with our parents' generation. He was best known for creating, in cartoon form only, these incredibly clever and complex machines to perform simple tasks. Kind of like that game Mousetrap, where one thing triggers another, then another, in a chain reaction.

    I meant it as a compliment to your ingenuity!

    And I got you beat by a few on the age thing...
  10. haha, no worries, I didn't take it as an offense. but, no, I didn't know who he was.
    wow, I'm a genius...thanks!! LOL us 'old timers' gotta stick together!! :D
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    Not many folks i know my age that are hip to old Rube either. Funny to see him mentioned here. Anytime i McGyver or rig something i think of him. LOL ;)

    Light movers have been proven to make the most of your bulb/s. Anytime you can provide more coverage you're increasing the efficiency one would think.

    Maybe i just need another toke. Or maybe i don't need anymore.
    That's always an easy one though :smoking:
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    this is just a test...I'm not trying to hijack yer post, lol, but I can't seem to upload on another, I'll test it here, sry. pics from my grow...using Aerolights!

    it I can't upload to this other site...???

    well, anyway, the pics are (1) Lowryder#2, (2)Jack Herer, (3-?) 'the lights' Aerolights, I call

    advantages of a light mover:
    • reduces 'shadows', allowing more light to reach places it wouldn't usually, whatever wattage you're using.
    • allows HID lighting to be set much lower than stationary lights, while avoiding burns.
    • 'mixes' different color temperatures. ie; 6500k & 2100k, which would be great as stage 2. (I'll explain later...)

    I'll continue on my next post so the read isn't so long, lol!
    (oh, these pics are of the latest version of Aerolights, never seen before. so, you're all getting an exclusive, 'first look', hahaha!)

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  13. ^^I don't think the OP will mind since you're posting info. relevant to his inquiries. But if you want to further document your setup, i'd suggest starting a journal in the "Indoor Grow Journals" section ---> and link it in your sig.:)

    Welcome to GC :wave:
    I'll +rep ya for your Rube Goldberg light thingy. Pretty intuitive.
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    LOL, yeah, ok, I'll do that, and cross link em, haha. I'll continue as it's still relevent...

    using my light, and it's probably applicable to other light movers too, is as follows:
    (also, this particular strategy is custom to my bulbs, 4 of them in all...2x MH, 2x HPS)

    • Stage 1: 2x MH, 32000lm, 6500k, 400w. looks like this to the plant. [​IMG]
    • Stage 2: 1 MH, 32000lm, 6500k, 400w/1 HPS, 47500lm, 2100k, 360w[​IMG]
    • Stage 3: 2 HPS, 47000lm&23000lm, 2100k&2500k, 360w&400w[​IMG]

    I do stage 1 and 2 for about 5 wks, and stage 3 until the end. your 'stages' may vary depending on how many and what type of lights you have...

    4000k's, and up, and MH's are great for veg cuz the light is in the 'blue spectrum'. plants under
    this type of lighting will stay short n bushy, growing lots of side branches. also, during vegging,
    plants without much 'red' light will sway towards 'female', while an HPS at this time will sway towards 'male'...if a HPS, or any light below 3000k, was used for vegging the plant will tend to stretch.
    3000 and below, are best for flowering, cuz 'buds' respond better to 'red' light. your plant will also stretch more during this time, if you had strong 'blue' light. while we still want our plant to 'grow' during the flower stage, we don't want the internodes to be spaced too far apart. HPS, and any light below 3000k, is best at this time.

    while you could have a great grow with two stages I add a third, to more closely mimic the sun, the sun our plants have been evolving too for millenium...this gives an 'even' spectrum at the 'mid summer' point, when the sun is it's most intense, before tapering off to autumn. you could have a very fine grow with only one bulb/type of bulb.
    with a light mover, you can intensify your bulbs 'power' without damaging your, tender, unforgiving, helpless, plants, LOL. since lumens diminish over distance, less distance from bulb to canopy equals more lumens, more plant food making capability, more plant, more buds!! :smoking:(I'm high, lol)

    and thanks to all of you for the warm welcome!
    I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :p

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