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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Sad Panda, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. I was considering starting a grow of my own...lord knows with grasscity alone I would get so much advice I couldn't possibly go wrong. Only a couple problems:

    1) I don't want to sell to anyone. Just want to grow for my own personal use. And that means I only want to grow a couple grams (4-7 or so) at a time. I would then just keep a constant rotation going so my mj needs would be satisfied year-round. But, given the fact that I might have to pay like $100-$200 for the setup, it would take me a couple grows to make back the money.

    2) I have very limited space. I'm in a dorm room (a single) in college. But I don't want a huge mj plant like sitting in my closet. I have a fair amount of privacy but I want to keep this as low-key as possible.

    Does this sound at all reasonable? Or should I just stick to buying from people?

  2. Yeah, I should just wait until I have a house of my own or something. It's just that weed's so fricken' expensive around here -- haven't found a good dealer who's not overcharging.
  3. this sounds very reasonable.. how many plants u want to grow?? 4-7 g's year round? u wont necesarily need to spend 100-200 setup.. i mean i have a setup of around 20 bucks.. all u need is some basics and a little time and effort.. just look around and try to find what u need.. alot of places have flourescent lights.. u can use them to grow.. or if u want to go realy expensive then u can get an hps but in your situation i would recomend a low cost (stolen or bought) fluro.. i took mine out of an apartment building by the washer and dryers haha.. they replaced it the next day. just figure out how many plants u want and what materials n supplies u r planning on buying-then get back and post .. Sounds Very Reasonable tho..
  4. I totally agree with shade. Hell, even a couple of ounces per month is not worth being tossed from college. Keep on buying and when you have your own place try growing. In the mean time keep coming back to the city and learn as much as you can from everyone else.
  5. your call man.. pm me if u want to kno more or just post..

  6. ...nice idea but it'll get out somehow'll start to get unwanted attention from the wrong people...eventually someone you really don't want to know will find out and it'll escalate...b4 i knew better i did it...just buy what you need - the handful of times you're 'dry' and really cravin a smoke are nuthin compared to risking college...

    ...if you do end up doin it tho'...self discipline is the key...

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