Hmm, I thought we were hated.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stoned budda, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. I thought the world community hated The United States and George Bush?

    By NICK VENTER in Beijing - Fairfax Media | Saturday, 09 August 2008
    the US team which filled three quarters of the track when it filed into the stadium also got a big cheer and so did its president when his image appeared on the stadium screen.

  2. certain countries love us. like africa. they love george bush because he's done a hell of a lot more good for them than he has us.
  3. well china definitely set the tone for these olympics with the opening ceremony. the olympics are about competition, love and HARMONY as the chinese have reiterated. to give a team a warm round of applause is the only acceptable reaction that should be allowed in this situation. everyone is out there representing their country and showing off their countries passion, history and culture all at the same time - no room for any type of disliking or hatred.
  4. a good amount of the world does, but the guy above is right, its the olympics.

    as for me, i cant wait to get out of here and go to canda.
  5. Ahh, they wernt very nice to Iran or a few others like North Korea, who incidently the South Koreans refused to enter with.
  6. correct me if im wrong, but doesnt the article say that countries "embroiled in disuptes with the US" got a large amount of cheers? (North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Cuba)
  7. I don't suppose that you are mistaking a crowd of rich people for the opinion of the world, do you?

    What's the price of a ticket to the opening ceremonies? About 1000 bucks a head? Or am I thinking of Miley Cyrus?

    Yeah, everyone who cheered for Bush is a member of his "Elitist Base".
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  8. Just comenting on what i saw and heard last night.
  9. You're not serious are you?
  10. It sounded like Venezuela heard a few jeers...
  11. i think they cheer for us because they're happy that we buy all of their crap for cheap.
  12. they have to cheer, if they didnt they would feel our insatiable appetite for destruction.
  13. z i n g
  14. Although I love the showing of nations, the reality is that for each Olympian, the Games are a personal challenge and feat. Did anyone read the article on about the Iraqi woman who was heartbroken that she wouldn't be able to compete because her country was banned from the Games... at least until they repented on that bullshit?
  15. yea,

    its not like there are ANY team sports being played.

    your non-nationalism bullshit has no relevance here.
  16. Excuse me for having an opinion. My opinion certainly does count here, regardless of how arrogant you feel. :)
  17. just because you have an opinion doesnt mean its valid.

  18. lol I guess I'll respond to your smilie with this biblical concept:
    Judge not lest ye be judged.
  19. We are hated. We're hated the way employees hate their bosses. They put on a smile and kiss his ass when they see him, but as soon as he walks away, the shit-talking begins.

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