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  1. basically so far in my life (im only young) girls who ive dated and such have been girls that i've met though school pretty much. But there is this one girl who goes to the same college as me, and i get the same bus home with her, and she lives like down my fucking road. But i have never spoken to her, so i need have no idea on how to apporach the situation. Do i just go up to her and say hey ? i guess im just really farid of the awkward silence between us as we have never met each other really before :( so bro's of GC i ask, what would you do/how would do manage the situation ? all opinons and advice are very welcome indeed !

    tl;dr how would you start up a conversation with an attractive girl you've never spoken to before ?
  2. Look at her make eye contact, smile and say hi.
    Sounds like a hard and yet ridiculously simple thing to do especially if shes a pretty girl, but sometimes with great risk comes great reward. If nothing else, if shes not interested, a bitch, or both, you now know and can direct your efforts elsewhere.
    You'll never know until you try, you may succeed, you may fail, but you will release your mind from its inner turmoil and refresh it with knowledge and a better understanding of your odds.
    To use the motto of your nations Special Air Service, "Who Dares Wins."
  3. Yeah put yourself in her shoes. A girl who you don't notice from school rides the same bus, but she notices you. She says "Hi." You'd have to be a real asshole to not atleast respond positively. So if she doesn't no big deal. Scratch that one off the list, she's a bitch.
  4. 227 views and 2 replies ? :(

    the reason this is such a weird thing for me is becuase so far in my life, all the actual hard work has been done, the introducing and getting to know them part :) but hey, first time in life for everything :D im'a try talking to her next time i see her :)
  5. Just be thankful your two replies were good replies. I was going to, but those two covered it pretty well, so quitcher bitchin' and go get the girl! Good luck man, just know that all of those 227 views are pulling for you.

  6. yeah very true, i was just thinking mo' opinions mo' better, but hey :)
  7. I think I would walk past her on the bus, say hi, then sit the other guy said, make eye contact and smile...I'm sure she will at least smile and say hi back...I would only say hi, and when getting off the bus, would say have a good day/afternoon/night...people love that shit from strangers
  8. once you break the ice by saying what's up how are you doing, then ask about her day, what she's up to etc..

    all you have to do is come off as focused (not too nervous) and friendly (not creepy), if she digs it then she'll continue the conversation by dropping hints (such as more info about herself that will lead to more questions).

    there should be no awkward silence since you don't know her, so get to know her!
  9. smoke somethin..

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