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  1. well im expierenced with fentanyl. ive had many 100, 50 and 25mcg/hr patches. one thing i havent tried is squeezing the gel out onto like a piece of glass and letting it dry out (maybe use a light to help it along a little) snorting it. i dont ever plan on IV'ing any drugs anytime soon. ive worn the patches and sucked on the jelly before but wanan try snorting it.

    only thing that will be hard is mearuing out a proper dose to bump. i think my best bet it measure out what i would consider a normal dose and lay it out on the glass pre-dosed to be safe. anyone (who has tried fentanyl) ever try this or had any success? im willing to risk a little bit of a patch to try it since i get them real cheap (5 100mcg patches for $100)

    DISCLAIMER: Fentanyl is dangerous if you havent tried it before and dont reccomend noobs taking any advice until they have tried fentanyl at a different time
  2. got a patch to try it with. i think it will work

  3. Fentanyl is commonly sold as heroin and I've seen it in powder form on DEA micrograms so if you can get the gel to a powder then by reason of elementary deduction you should be able to do it.

    Things are sometimes more complicated than elementary deduction can deduce though so maybe some one else can offer some insight? :confused:
  4. Yeah you may have to do some work.
    If it dries into a powder be careful snorting it, shit's powerful and misjuding a dose can kill.

  5. exactly lol. logically yes seems do-able...
  6. well half a month later and im tryin to see if it will dry or not. noddin hard now so ill prolly leave it over night. i think the glycerine in the patch might prevent that? hmm this will be intresting. only trying enough for 1 dose.
  7. well it makes sense so ya id say maybe half the dose of what you normally take to try it out but thats just me
  8. Well, i would dry out the whole patch, and divide the powder evenly after into the amount of doses you would normally get from a patch.
    I dont think it will dry easily because of the glycerin. Maybe mix it with water and mix it A LOT. Then the glycerin will be left at the bottom and just pour the water out and evaporate that? :S
  9. /drool @ $20 for a 100mcg patch.
  10. i squeezed the gel out on to a piece of foily and chased that dragon.. that got me fucked uppp:smoke::smoke:
  11. i just paid $100 for 4 100's and 2 25's
  12. LMAO quit trying to sound smart
  13. quit being a jerk. that was a legitimate and more helpful response than yours was...
  14. Quit posting useless bullshit.
    But OP, i think its worth a try, mixing the gel with a little water and mixing it for awhile, so the water absorbs all the fentanyl. Then strain and dry.
  15. Its quite effortless actually. :p
  16. that sounds like an extremely good idea. but it depends if the glycerin is chemically bonded to the fentanyl or if it's just mixed in. if they're bonded then you wouldn't be able to seperate them without the proper procedure, equipment and chemicals. but i agree, try mixing the fentanyl with water and hopefully the glycerin falls to the bottom or evaporates
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    I think just leaving it out on glass to dry out is probably your best bet, cause then even if nothing happens you can still use the gel, but if you mix it with water and it doesn't work then you've wasted it.

    Edit: In this discussion thread, someone said they mixed it with flour and let it dry out and that worked. I just tried googling (without the quotes) "fentanyl gel to powder" and got quite a few hits, many of them relevant to your question.
  18. true, but from what the OP posted before it seems like he has a little fentanyl to spare so if he's willing to waste a little he should definitely try it.
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    I have a friend who sells these patches like it ain't shit, he shows me all kinds of shit you can do with this shit. For example once we cut a patch open and let the gel all dry out, and cut maybe a 1x1 cm square and put it in a pipe and smoked it, and stayed unbelieveably fucked up for an hour. Don't try and smoke a lot of this shit at once it will kill you, thats why its measured in MICROgrams.

    Another good thing is using 1 patch and squeezing all the gel into those big orange juice cartoons and shaking all the gel and juice together, it makes a nice drink to get super fucked up on lol

  20. lol i get these patches for 5 dollars each, it helps having a dumbass acquaintance who broke into a CVS drug store and hit a lick on like 5 boxes of 200 patches

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