Hmm.. do you think I'm ok?

Discussion in 'General' started by BoSox2004, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. hey everyone,

    so i've been trying to get clean since July 4th and I haven't been up until tonight...

    I've been taking the at home drug tests and they keep coming back positive for THC.
    Tonight I took another at home test and the line is barely visible for being in the clear.. If you can barely see the line does that mean I'm ok?

    I'm nervous about taking my test on either Wed. or Thur.

    I'm just curious if I'll pass. I have to go to a lab to take the test so I'm just sketched out..

    Thanks for reading...

    Any advise is greatly appreciated.
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  3. You should be fine man, thats almost 2 months of being clean when it usually takes one. Good luck to ya, and if your still paranoid just drink lots of water :D
  4. Nah, he smoked today. It's probably about 50/50 really, but I would lean towards the good side.

  5. yea, its been almost 2 months and i weight 115 lbs all skin and bones..

  6. nah, really haven't smoked since the 4th.

    i don't really want to risk it though...
  7. Ohh, I didn't understand your second sentence, so I was thinking the "haven't" was supposed to be a "have"

    2 months, you should be fine. I don't know why the at-home tests are even showing it...

  8. the at home tests say they are 99.9% accurate.

    don't you think the lab tests are a little more intense than the at homes?

    if i see any sorta line am i good?
  9. Well that's the thing, if it shows it, it must be there. I'm just not sure why. Are you very active? What's the height/weight? Do you drink a lot of fluids? Beyond that, I don't know why it would still be there after fifty some days...
  10. The longest period of time THC stays in your system is 30 days, so I dont know why the home tests are showing up. Since my metabolism is high, Im clean in 2-3 days after I smoke.
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  12. yea, i'm not sure either... is that a guarantee that it only stays for 30 days? I've heard 90 days?

    My metabolism is very fast also.

    I weight 115 lbs and am 5'6.

    super weird..
  13. take a nice jog around the block and get that metabolism moving. drink copious amounts of water and just get it so your taking a leak every 20 minutes. but dont drink to much water you can actually die from too much h2o.
  14. i've been playing tennis... i've also been riding around with my windows up and the heat on so that i sweat balls!

    yeah, i've heard about dieing from too much water.. nuts!
  15. yea i read an article a woman died trying to get the wii for her children on a radio contest called "wee for a Wii". sad story.
  16. wow, that is nuts!
  17. so if I can barely see the line do you think I'm ok? I really don't want to sneak urine into the lab..

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