Hmm, Coming of age rituals?

Discussion in 'General' started by smokeybubble360, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. I am the middle child in the family. When my oldest brother turned 16 he and my dad went out to search for cars. He found a used A4 audi. Him and my dad seemed very excited about it. When my 16th birthday came aound I came home one day from school to a red hatchback chevy aveo. Nice gas milage but ingeneral a small car. I\'m kind of a bulky guy, I didn\'t want to seem ungrateful so I drive it. I mean it\'s a car right? well the problem I have with it is I never got to be apart of the picking it out. Which in my mind is a coming of age ritual. Well today my mom called me up saying how bored she was. I invited her out for lunch but she said she is going to take my little brother out car shopping. For alittle backround info on my little brother; he is the jock, smart kind, doesn\'t smoke, drinks very seldomly, but get his way with everything( I asked for a fourwheeler when I has 14 I was denied but he asked for one at 13 and got one). I just feel as if I were excluded from this ritual.

    please don\'t get me wrong I\'m grateful for what I have it is the principle I have a problem with. I know I will get flamed for this but I wanted to get my feelings out.

    For those who flame me...the game....
  2. well, that sucks, but don\'t tell us about it. talk to your dad, maybe?
  3. So your all broken up about how your car that was given to you, wasn\'t as nice as the one your siblings got?
  4. no, once again it is the principle I feel as though I was left out of a coming to age ritual of picking a car out on my 16th bday with my mother and father. I could carless that my brother got an audi. I just wanted to be apart of it. I\'m sorry if you can\'t understand that that concept.
  5. i hear ya man, not much you can do about it besides deal with it by the sounds of it, not that theres much to deal with. you got a free car, i woudnt worry bout what im not getting and focus on wat i am getting if i were you
  6. i some what understand you but get over it for real, you got a free car......
  7. just be glad you got a car for free my parents didnt give me shit
  8. haha at least you got something for your 16th b day you want to know what I got back then?

    not a damn thing
  9. Well I can see that most of you are not getting the correct message I am trying to portray here. I know there are less fortunate then me but even they have things in their family where they bond more with their parents. I am talking about the bonding here not the car.
  10. ohh get the fuck over it all I got when I was 16 was really drunk and stoned

  11. maybe your parents hate you?
  12. when you have a 16 year old kid count yourself lucky if you are able to buy him/her ANY car.
  13. I understand where your coming from man, feel a bit left out, thats exactly how I\'d be feeling. I\'ve got 2 bros both older then me n if things like that happen where i feel left out i say something and let my parents i didnt feel part of it, Talk to your parents man. Hope all is good bruv
  14. Skraggz, thanks man. I wasn\'t meaning to sound whinny guys.
  15. WOW!!!


    Seriously, Wow...
  16. hey your 16 and got a free car who cares if you got to pick it out or not and since you seem to i\'d bring it up with your parents they seem to have crazy $ able to buy 3 of their sons cars for their 16th bdays
  17. Uhmm.. Yea, pretty much.
  18. Parents take their kids car shopping?
    News to me.
  19. Exactly.

    If you borrow money like that from your parents, be incredibly grateful and do your damnedest to pay them back as much as possible. My mom helped me out with my first car and you have no idea how great a resource that is to have around, but don\'t abuse it. They clearly love you and you shouldn\'t care about what you recieved, principle be damned. Where are your principles?

    By the way, expect more responses like this in the future but you may have already gathered that.
  20. shit, i had a early/mid 90s t-bird, and that fucker was payed for by me, and no one else...why do people complain about free...does it drive? is it reliable?...thats all you need, i mean, this getting left out thing is kinda like someone is giving you 11 grand worth of stuff, and someone else got 12 grand, and you feel left out?!

    welcome to life
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