Hmm.. Casino, or bud?

Discussion in 'General' started by KB_124, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. So it's 11:00pm, I get out of work in an hour, A couple friends want to go to the casino 90 minutes away. So I could do that, maybe I'll win, maybe I'll come back broke.

    Or, I could buy a couple ounces, convince myself that I would have lost that much up at the casino, and smoke myself retarded...

    hmm.. I'll let ya guys know what I do later tonight ;)
  2. go smoke yourself retarted!!!

  3. ditto
  4. So heres what I did.. I bought a half ounce, then went up to the casino, and won $300.00 :D

    Ain't life grand?? :smoke:
  5. go kb, go, go, go kb, go go, go kb
    buy more pot lol
    what's funny is because you took the time to go get the weed.. your timing of getting to the casino was changed.. it coulda went completely the other way if you hadn't of delayed going by buyin some pot.

  6. LMAO!!! :smoke:

    Nver thought of it like that, but it could be true...

    Yeah... definitely buying more pot... lol

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