hmm.. being a bad @$$ gets women off

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by InnerPeace, Aug 23, 2008.

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  1. whenever I get in confrontations and theres girls around you can tell there getting all wet off of it. Why are women so crazy?:confused: If i saw a woman verbally fighting with someone I'd think there ill tempered and would want nothing to do with them. They might kill me when im sleeping. f**k.
  2. My ex had an obsession with bald basasses. They all like men who can handle themselves, confidence is a thing.
  3. I want some pussy:mad:
  4. Yeah, cause Orange County is where all the gangsta badasses hang......:rolleyes:

    Take a trip to South Boston, then tell about how you "could kill anyone if they force me to".
  5. fool shut the fuck up. in my hood i got almost 90% mexican. aint nothing like LA compton watts inglewood LBC SAnta ana but we get down. dont care where you live if you get down you get down.
  6. I didn't know Gangsters quoted Metallica... soft Metallica at that.
  7. Haha that's classic. Inner peace...
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    who the fuck said i was a gangster? you retard im a thug thugs can like metallica you fucking faggot. i hate ignorant people shoot them all dead!
  9. wanna meet me somewhere and actually get down? oh right right your not local:rolleyes:damn, where did all these trolls come from
  10. A ho down? Id love to go square dancing with you. Thanks for asking ! :D
  11. fuck your hood lol
  12. this is wonderful. this hate parade. imagine there was a love parade right next to it guess what will overpower what? love conquers all. trolls fuck off and die
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  14. awww shit i feel a shin-dig a brewing.
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  16. if anything your just bored and trolling and e-thuggin
  17. Just because it's your thread doesn't mean you can't troll. This is a STONER community, we don't call each other faggots, threaten to fight and kill each other. How does that sound like a stoner to you AT ALL?

    You're trolling, asking for trouble, plain and simple. You are in GRASSCITY'S house, and the door is that way ---->
  18. You haven't said anything intelligent this entire post.
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