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Discussion in 'General' started by brian8472, Jul 18, 2004.

  1. every have a friend call ya up and say hey lets hang out, ok you think its gonna be a fun adventure but then he brings these chicks along ok sweet now we can talk to girls, but thats where it gets fuzzy for me to judge, this buddy of mine wouldnt let me say anything or contribute anything when the 4 of us tryed to have a conversation i would be interrupted or the topic immediatly changed and then he goes out smokes some weed with them and is like sry man not enough for all 3 so i have to wait in the car, then his other buddy comes around in his car and tokes with them (he has no weed also) but wait it gets even better: cause i grow weed and he cant he tells all his buddys he knows this guy whos growing all this weed for him and thinks im giving him half( lil does he know im not) and ive told him straight up but its like i get mad at him for these selfish things he does and asks for/ expects and im wondering if its just me or does things your friends do to ya like this piss ya off too? he tells me that all friends have spats and thats true but compared with my other buddys theres just no comparison :/

  2. treat me like that?? friends dont treat friends like that!
  3. Dude, you're in so much trouble.

    Your friends treating you like shit, man.
    But see, you told or showed him you
    grow. So now, if you try to separate
    from him, he might tell the cops. He's
    sure as hell telling everyone else he
    knows. Bad news.

    Also, if one of his buddies gets busted,
    he might just feed the cops your name
    to get off light.

    First rule of growing is, don't let anyone
  4. get a shovel man, haha kill him wit the shovel, bury him wit the shovel, then u don gotta worry bout him rattin on u or bein a dick haha... or at least hide your stash somewhere thats not ur house n that way if he rats u out there aint to good of a chance u'll get busted u can be like "he's jus pissed at me and tryin to get me in trouble" or sum shit
  5. Do not tell people to kill others.. This will not be tollerated in the city..

    tell him to fuck off, but do it nicely.. He could get you arrested one of these days..

    When growing, don't let any one know about it... Sooner or later it will bite you in the ass~!!
  6. Man I had a friend like that. He would always give me guilt trips when I didn't want to go on a mission with him or something. He'd be like come on man we're supposed to be homies(he talks with the most cholo accent you ever heard). One day I told him I needed to "find myself" and I didn't want to talk to people when I was doing it. Haven't talked to him since but he knows what's up.
  7. id have kicked him in the fucking teeth and walked off and had hot sex with the two girls lol
  8. I don't think they could or should be classed as friends there are alot more people out there that know the true meaning of friendship.

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