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  1. Am i waking up at all anymore?
    problems are cured through clinking ice
    searching for the one who shows eye contact
    the one wiht the words the nice words nice

    I dont know yet i dont care
    the imperfections of life cause me not to question
    not to dare

    to hell with the overrated kisses
    the cracked up emotions
    the melting ice
    unanswered wishes
  2. Sounds like you need somebody to warm up that ice and melt it away for you.

    Sometimes the ice is self imposed, sometimes not.

    Cool poem, though.
  3. Words of love ,
    soft and tangent ,
    won't win a girls heart anymore.
    If you love her ,then you must 'send' her ,
    somewhere she's never been before .
    Worn out phrases and long engagements won't get you where you wanna go.............

    No !
  4. budburner....the ice i think is definetly self inflicted...however with the probelmes are cured through clinking ice i was kinda getting towards the people who drink life and problems away ya know?
    oh well wasnt that good of a poem just sort of wrote it quickly
  5. As I pondered lifes counfusions ,
    My rewards were dis-illusions.
    Perhaps today I'll find a way,
    to end my social subtefugion ,
    or run astray ........like yesterday,
    Filling my needs ,with substitutions.

    1972 roach

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