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  1. Anybody have any input on the hlg 100watt sabers thinking about adding two of them in my flower tent but haven’t heard of anybody having results with them

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  2. I liked the looks of them myself but one reason you don't see many people with them is they're 4 feet long. They don't really fit in a 4x4, impossible to fit in a 3x3. Need a grow area with a 5 foot wide side to fit them in good really.
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  3. My flower tent is 2.5’x5’ so they will fit perfect to add to my 320r spec down the sides

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  4. They are sold out now but I would say they fit right in between the qb132 and the qb288 power output wise.

    The light spectrum is almost identical to the new rspec boards. I probably wouldn't do a setup with all sabers but it might not be bad. I would blend them with qb96's or the new rspec boards. The sabers would just go between the other boards to help with even distribution IMO.
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  5. They are waterproof, which is nice. But yeah as @Tbone Shuffle mentioned the 4foot length is a problem for most spaces. If they made a 2' or a 3' version I bet you would see a lot of growers using them.
  6. Damn how soon do they restock? I just got two in the mail but I want 6 more. I guess I could veg 2 for now and by the time they are ready to flower they should have more out correct? I plan on setting up the whole tent with theese. All with their own hoists to adjust each one individually.
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  7. not quite sure why the 4' length would really be a problem in a 4" dimension tent - 2x4 or 4x4. space length in the tents between the inside of the poles is typically 46" and the light is 44". this would be the same as the "old" days when people were commonly putting 4' florescent lights in - whether they were old T8/T12 shop light fixtures or 4' T5Ho lights from the grow shop
    Granted it's a tighter fit than a couple small QB boards or COB's hanging but they would fit easily and give nice spread side to side.
    I could see them as qb132 replacements if they were 1/4 the cost. but you can get 4x qb132 for less than one saber!
  8. I mean I know I am probably an idiot spending so much money on 8 of these. Buying them in sets at the moment haha. Got rent and bills which come first. Honestly though I don't mind because this is something I love to do. I really believe lining the whole top of a 5x5 with 8 of these may do some amazing things.
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    Optimal distance off the wall for a grow light is about 9" or so. Even in a 5 foot area the 4' lights will only be 6" off the walls which is fine. I just couldn't see stuffing them in a 4x4 when it's closed and slightly sucked in they would be pushing against the walls. You could do one diagonal. .hehe.

    They are pretty quick about restocking stuff usually. Depending on how busy they are you could email and ask when. Seems they are harder to talk to lately. They'll probably be back in a week or two max.
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  10. Ok great and yes I emailed them. I think they are actually a couple inches shorter than 4ft. I need to measure though. I am in no rush though. When I do this I wanna do it right and be fully prepared. Also paying off a DUI and credit card same time haha. Quit drinking except for weekends and working on that. Anyways thanks @Tbone Shuffle you're a very helpful and cool blade.
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  11. they list it at 44 inches
    your tent is 48" wide total, and probably right at around 46" between the poles
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  12. I could probably stuff one in there but my tent sucks in a bit because of the 440cfm exhaust fan in there. They would likely touch the walls.

    With all the options out there I would rather go with something who's light footprint better fits in the space.

    Those sabers are really cool since you don't need a heatsink. I tend to look at the HLG products in how many watts can I get for my dollar.

    The sabers are actually more expensive in cost per watt compared to the qb288 rpecs or the qb96 v2's. You can DIY with those for less then $1 a watt if you're a smart shopper.

    With the 120 watt max saber costing $135 without a driver it's one of the higher priced dollar per watt options.

    The qb132 is the best deal dollar per watt. $135 for 300 watts worth of boards compared to 120 watts for the sabers.
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  13. I'm almost considering getting just 4 and maybe 4 qb132 in the middle.
  14. Instead of kit I may just oder individually and save on cost. Was intimidated at first but the DIY is much easier than I thought.
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  15. The cheap way to go is to buy the board/heatsink only and source your own drivers/wire. I like your idea. A triple 288 and two sabers. Probably more then you need but you can dim it.
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  16. Well fuck looks like they are pretty much sold out of everything.
  17. Actually I want to put the 360xl in the middle with 2 sabers on each side. So total of 4 sabers and one 360xl or is that too much heat? I will just start with the two sabers.
  18. I think you will be good with 2 sabers and the 320 in the middle.
    2 sabers = 240watts
    320 = 320watts
    total 560watts.

    in a 16sqf space that ammounts to 35watts/sqf which is right in the sweet zone for quantum boards. Id go with that, you can always add more bars later if you feel a need for it.
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