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  1. So I got a kit.

    From what I read, you want the light to kick on just BEFORE lights out, and run a few minutes AFTER lights out. Am I correct in this thought?

    Upon further inspection, the HLG Flower Initiator kicks on after lights out, and only stay on about 3 minutes at the max setting.

    Is this sufficient for my needs?
  2. I have mine set to go on 15 mins before the lights go out and stay on for 15 mins after lights out.

    just got it so ... no results to report

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  3. This is how it’s supposed to be done.
  4. So you have the initiator kit or are you just running the boards with your own power supply and timer?

    There is a threshold and duration adjustment on my kit. The threshold controls how much light is received by the diode before considering “lights on.” I have the threshold set to my “level of darkness.” The duration, when set at it’s lowest value, keeps the reds on for about 1.5 mins. When set at it’s highest value, the reds stay on for about 3.5 mins.

    I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to set it so they run for the before AND after. Is there something I am missing?
  5. I got the puck with the 12v dc adaptor. Plugged into digital timer.

    Mine is either off, or on.

    This is what i ordered.

    Far Red Initiator Puck

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  6. Ahh. See, I bought the HLG kit. The kit only allows for the boards to turn on for 3 mins after lights off. I’m beginning to think I will have to buy a different power supply and add a timer.

    Thanks for the info, bud.
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  7. That seems like a giant limitation…
    Hook those up to an external timer, and lock it in. Check with @Steakbomb grow when it comes to light initiation, but five minutes pre lights out, and fifteen minutes posts seems to be what the guys around here are trying out.
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  8. I’m still using mechanical timers plugged into a surge protector, so I’ll have to shoot for 15 or 30 minute increments. I figure 15 mins is better than my 3, and 30 couldn’t hurt either. I will dig up a 15 min timer and shoot for as close as 5/10 as I can get. I’ll synchronize the timers tonight when lights come on. I synchronize about once a week because my veg and flower tents both light up at the same time, so my timing should stay semi-accurate. Going to have to find a power supply, as well. Here we go again!

    I really am irritated that this kit turned out to be a let down. There wasn’t much of a description on their site, but I figured a “flower initiator” would follow the lights on/lights off schedule, as most research seems to indicate is required for max benefit. I don’t see 3 mins after lights off providing much, if any acceleration in flowering. Oddly enough, there isn’t much online about these kits either. They can’t be THAT rare, so I’m assuming many others were let down, as I am. I could have gotten half a dozen boards and a power supply for the price of this sensor+3 boards.

    Thoughts on a power supply? Only going to run 2 of these QB3’s in my 2x4.
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