HLG 185h 54a, bad mofo

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Megadethcloud, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Super impressed. This driver will actually push 230watts to my QB96! I found these nice picture hangers at Walmart that work perfect also. 20190816_215758.jpg
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  2. That's my favorite driver to recommend for qb96 single board setups. It's right about the max it can take without a fan mounted on it.

    All the HLG drivers push quite a bit past the rated output. A 320h-54a in parallel on two qb96's puts out 355 watts approx.
  3. Those are also the brightest boards on the market to look at. It's got more power then a qb288 on a 5" square. They look like the surface of the sun.
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  4. Definitely the brightest thing I've ever seen. I put on my Costa Del Mar sunglasses for the test run and it was still so massively bright! I'm in trim jail atm but in a week or so I'll be starting the next round,on anxious to rock and roll. I figure I'll start off around 50watts or so. I've got a few that need to veg another week or so. Mega impressed though.
  5. Yeah.....I think these are going to be my next experiment. I want a perpetual harvest, but I need another tent, and need good lights to veg, and then do about 4 weeks of flower under before rotating into my 6x6.

    I almost wish I went this route initially, but I do love my 800 panels so I can't complain.

    So itchin' to try these darn things lol....!

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