HLG 135w QB power adjusting tips?

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  1. just got my 135w 3000k LED. Want to know how to adjust the power and dimming on it. For those who have boards from HLG what's your advice? I watched a few videos but would like a little more info on where to have it set at. I'm assuming it comes maxed from factory. So that's how it's set right now.
  2. Um, I don't have an answer for you but rather a question. What heatsink/power supply did you purchase with it? I ask because the slate 2 heat sink is out of stock.
  3. It all came in a kit. HLG-120H-54A
  4. Wait so you bought the kit before it went out of stock? When was that? I've been waiting for a while for them to come back in stock.

  5. Yea dude. They had a timer counting down to the hour they became available. I was ready and waiting. They went quick I checked the next day and the 90w and 135w sold out already.
  6. Nice man! When was this?
  7. The 15th. Check the FAQ on the website. Might have a new date. Once it gets closer they start the timer.
  8. The driver you got is the "A" version which comes with the kit as default option. It has an internal dimmer under a little rubber plug. You need a super small flathead to adjust it. check out this youtube vid about dimming QB's. You want to adjust the Io, not the Vo. I personally didn't touch the Vo(nor use a volt-meter). I just used the Io to dim my kit while it was plugged into a kill-o-watt and watched the watts it was pulling.. I run a 135w kit and have another QB on the way.

    Make sure you carefully use the proper sized flathead screwdriver to adjust, you don't wanna strip the plastic adjustment screw.

    For future reference: When ordering a quantum board you can leave a message during purchase and request a 'B' version driver. The 'B' version has no internal dimming, but has 2 extra wires to hook up your own dimmer/potentiometer. This is mostly for people that want more precise control over their dimming and maybe want to hook it up to some sort of computer(ie, arduino) to automate the dimming during hot periods or simulating sun rise and set.
  9. Wow thank you for all the info!! all I needed to know.
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