hiya why are my girls not taking water quickly

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  1. so I'm 4 weeks out or so till harvest my girls are taking water oh so slowly ....they are in 10 gal. pots I'm pretty sure they are root bound...could this be the problem> or is the soil compacted? and I need some soil conditioner? any help would be appreciated ...thanks
  2. Don't worry Just let them grow . Could you post a few pics ?
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  3. i doubt a plant is rootbound in 10 gal pots... and i also doubt your medium, even without perlite would be too "compacted" for roots to take water... so long as they are healthy looking
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  5. I just stuck my fingers in the pot and it is just a mass of roots solid. So what's my answer...should I try and repot...
  6. someone told me to stick a stick or something down in the pot in several places and "prune" the roots.....hmmmmmmm don't know about that

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