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Hives/rash from smoking weed??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by jibbarama, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. so today while at the skate park, my scalp, ears and crotch area started to become very itchy. i started to feel uncomfortable and left, and within half an hour, my entire body from my upper legs to my head was red, splotchy, and swollen. I am recovering from a sinus infection (i felt pretty much fine today), and was prescribed Nasonex, which i started taking 3 days ago with no problem. other than that, i havent taken or eaten anything new that could cause something like this.

    i have been smoking for a couple years now with more or less no problems, but i did smoke a couple hours prior to the outbreak. i should note that there was no sign of hives or rash up until that point at the skate park. I have heard of rare cases of marijuana allergy, could this be it?

    and is it possible for a reaction to be that delayed? anyone heard of this happening before because of weed?
  2. you would have had a reaction to it before if you are alergic and you have been smoking for a few years

    i went through a period where i would get hives for no apparent reason but it seemed to happened in a few certain places regularly. Could've been something to do with the park or something.
  3. There is no way that can be the weed.
  4. Incorrect. It's not unheard for an individual, even if they've been smoking for years to just one day develop an intolerance to mj due to one of the many chemicals found in the plant. Remadies: 1) The body can redevelop a tolerance to the chemical in question over time but this would mean several if not many more uncomfortable sessions- worst case scenario you could go in anaphylactic shock 2) Not toke for a period of time as this can just be what you need. (this would absolutely suck) 3) Go to your doctor telling him/her when you go outside you nose starts running and your eyes itch and that you want to try clartin or some other allergy medication. --- If it is an allergy this would fix it. Hope that helps.
    Cheers :hello::smoke::bongin:
  5. even though u have been smoking for a few years it very well may be from the weed. when i was younger i could eat anything i wanted but around the age fifteen i started getting really sick for like weeks at a time. i finally went an allergist and over the years my body had developed serious allergies to all sorts of foods, molds and so on. so this could be the reason u got a rash this time and not the other times but if u are allergic to weed and continue to use it your reactions could start to become worse and worse and could go into shock.

    i would smoke again and see if the reaction happens again and if so try going to an allergist.(but for a worst case scenario kind of thing warn ur friends just in case u go in to shock very unlikely though)
  6. so yea i understand that these things can happen, but could the reaction possibly be so delayed? the rash didnt start until more than 3 hours after i smoked, and it was a very rapid onset.
  7. Yeah it can be that delayed, you may only be allergic to one of the many chemicals in the plant that is released when you smoke and it could just take time for it to affect you. I numerous allergies, one of them is soy but it all depends on the way the bean is processed for me- soybean oil and soy lectin are commonly used in mass foods and my body accepts them because a particular amino is destroyed in the process but i can't touch tofu, edamame, soy protein isolate (which is in almost every type of power food and unfortunately growing as a filler in many processed good).... Anyways even though this has only just started happening and you've smoked many times before you may, sadly, become allergic. The body goes through cycles anywhere from 5-10 ever 20 years and you can't get tested because since it is an illegal substance no research is given to any causes. Calartin if the problem persists, benadryl for fast acting use if you have a reaction and let the buddies know of the situtation so they don't think your freaking.

  8. This is just a side affect from the infection. It's called scarlet something. (not scarlet fever)
  9. A little off topic but I am sick and my throat hurts and have a head ache and other stuff but I was wondering if you doctor ask's "you do you smoke"

    What is your response I said "no" because I was afraid of something being put into record?

  10. What infection?:confused:

  11. Your doctor was more than likely asking you if you smoke cigarettes, unless of course you walked in smelling like you just rode in with tommy chong. Usually, they would put on their records that you smoke, and if you are a regular smoker(of anything) it is very easy to see damage that smoke inhalation does to your throat. In the case that they noticed this and you responded no"no" they would keep it in mind and write a note, to them self, on your chart.

    If your afraid that your doctor is going to report you if you say you smoke cannabis, don't. What you're doing poses no harm or danger to anyone else and by law they cannot say anything about it. If they did and it got back to your doctor, they could lose their license.

    Tell your doctor you socially smoke cigarettes, it will satisify his needs of knowing you smoke without him/her actually knowing your little secret.

  12. It can be really delayed. The reason I say this is how I got here. Googling "hives from smoking weed", because my GF just woke out of a 3 hour sleep in SERIOUS hives and ITCHING. We have one type of "smoke" which we have been smoking for 2-3 days, but today got some killer "smoke' and she smoked ALOT over 3-4 hours. she then went to sleep and woke 3 hours in freaking out and crying. Hives and redness all over,all over!, and she couldn't stop scratching. I ran to get Benadryl..which still took an hour to even start. Usually it only happens when she handles certain kinds,and will appear where she touches her leg or arm. But this time I think she smoked soo much,and it was new) that it came from inside her body, hence the hives all over every inch of her body. Anyway..as soon as it started to go away..she is sleeping peacefully next to me..and I am certain the hives will be gone in 8-9 hours in the morn. One good thing that comes of this is..I GET TO SMOKE THE REST OF THE GOOD STUFF......WOOOHAAAA!!:)
  13. Keep in mind that many metabolites remain in your body for an extended period of time after smoking weed. It is very possible that just one of these metabolites can start an allergic reaction. I have had hives now for over a year. I'm not gonna automatically say that cannabis is the culprit, but I have blocked wheat, gluten, sodas, caffeine, dairy, and alcohol to see if it helps at all.
  14. I actually get itchy hands and arms and a rash if I Handle to much weed ( like breakin elbows down) but never had a prob smokin it
  15. I really doubt that your rash has anything to do with weed whatsoever, do you have any serious allergies? Maybe you stayed somewhere the night before that had bugs in the furniture? (gross I know but you have to consider it) hope you feel better
  16. It looks as though these posts are pretty darn old, however, I have had something not too dissimilar quite recently which I'd like some advice regarding, and fingers crossed there are still a few pro stoners trolling around the place!

    So I have been smoking weed since I was 13 (I'm 20 this year), and about a week ago I got an ounce from a friend's dad who had grown it 100% naturally in his backyard with no added chemicals. The same night I smoked it for the first time, I put on some Mosquito Repellent and within hours I had developed an itch, which has since progressed (over the course of a week) in severity and has also turned into a rash. It started on my upper arms then worked their way downwards, to my forearms, chest, stomach, thighs, and now it's beginning to spread to my legs :( I have never had a single allergic reaction in my life, let alone from marijuana. And after smoking consistently, day after day, for almost 7 years, one would think that I would have experienced a reaction by now considering the multitude of different strands, types, etc., that I would have been exposed to.

    Thing is, I also recently switched washing powder which may be a possible culprit, as well as the mosquito repellent. I know I should just cut all of the above out of my everyday routines for a while to narrow down the root cause but if someone can tell me that it's impossible to develop an allergic reaction to weed after smoking for years, and save me having to stop smoking my beloved buds, then I'd be a very happy girl.

    So in short, does anyone know FOR SURE if it is possible to develop a rash/itchiness (it's not blistering or bloody though, just raised and severely itchy and irritated) after contact with a long-exposed stimulus?

    Cheers, guys :)
  17. I'm going through the same thing! I've been having frequent break outs over a month now and still haven't figured what is truly causing it. But just the other week I bought a new bong and have been smoking more heavily. For the last few nights, I've noticed I break out after a session. I didn't eat anything before today's session, so weed is the prime suspect right now.

    I visited my doc last month for the breakout, who explained to me it is possible to suddenly become allergic to something. In fact, a few years ago, my mom just suddenly became allergic to nuts, even though she'd been eating peanuts and coconuts all her life. So, unfortunately, we may be in the same boat with weed. I'll see how it goes over the weekend, and will go cold turkey next week if I'm still having issues. For now, you can help manage the hives with non-drowsy Zyrtec (cetirizine) during the day, and Benadryl (dipenhydramine) at night.

    What I don't know is if you become allergic to something, is it possible to one day become not allergic to it? I've emailed my doc so I'll update this when he replies.

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