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  1. Yooo Bladesss

    Im hitting up the bar for my buddies 21st birthday (i will be 21 on monday :hello:) and im looking to buy some tasty drinkssss.. I've been to bars before but all i normally buy is a brew or shot of some whiskey... Looking for some drinks you guys enjoy and hopefully i will enjoy when i buy them tonight!! Ive seen some weird shots that are mixes i'd like to try some of those only ones i had were cherry bombs and i think it was called a root beer float?? idk.. regardless, LMK what you guys drink

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    My favorite bar drink is a rye and ginger (whiskey and gingerale), theyre tasty and pretty classy in my eyes hahaha another whiskey drink is whiskey sours, but im not the biggest fan.

    Tom collins are good as well if you like gin, rum and cokes if you prefer rum.

    Then theres always beers and tequila...

    EDIT: forgot to say, a good way to experiment with drinks is just tell the bartender to make you something exciting.
  3. Thanks for the input. I'll definitely try whiskey and ginger ale, sounds pretty good.

    Randomly i ask bartenders to surprise me and i think that means it's there chance to pour some garbage because they give me something that tastes awful. And im not talking about too strong awful (no such thing in my mind) but just tastes like booty...

    Thanks again any more?? im leaving in bout an hour so let a *****h know!! :D
  4. Get fruity drinks, theyre gay but they taste great.
  5. I always get diet coke and rum, just to avoid having to think of any other type of drink.

    If you get a chance, try that cake flavored vodka with some sprite...tastes just like cake.
  6. Don't fuck around with all those silly assed drinks.

    Get a real man's drink: a tequila boilermaker! That's what I order everytime.

    A Miller and a shot of Jose Cuervo Gold. Heaven.

    Peace, love, weed, and good vibes your way :)
  7. I'm not a fan, but jäger bombs are popular.

    Or any flavor vodka and red bull.

    Mind Erasers

    Irish car bombs, I like these but not for everyone.

    7up and Seagrams 7. Aka7&7
  8. [QUOTE=CoRBeaR;12924941l.

    Mind Erasers

    Irish car bombs, I like these but not for everyone.

    For the win,,:smoke:
  9. read the mystery method before hittin the bar..
  10. liquid cocaine
  11. Yeah whiskey and ginger ale is a pretty safe bet. I find Canadian Club works the best in that mix (a CC & Dry, to the barman). You don't really gain anything from getting a higher shelf whiskey when you're going to dilute it ginger ale, anyway.

    Whiskey and coke is alright too, although I think the best thing to mix with coke is Appleton's Estate dark rum (it is slightly sweet, and is very easy to drink).

    Either way, make sure you get your drink in a short glass.
  12. Chilled bourbon or straight up doubles and down that shit in one sip.

    Have a beer if you must...

    Drink like a man.
  13. Tequila and sprite. I also enjoy Irish carbombs
  14. white russian, cadillac margarita, jack and coke, whiskey sours (they are not my favorite, but good on a warm day), vodka cranberry, jagerbombs, blue Hawaiian (if mood for something fruity), tequila sunrise...

    all i can think of...for now.:D
  15. [​IMG]

    any vodka-based drink with this. get one for the most promising lady in the room too. tasty and smooth.
  16. Ginger bread man, 1 part baileys, one part butterscotch snchaps, and one part gold schlager

    surfer on acid: jeager pineapple juice and mailbu shot
  17. Crown and coke, 7&7's, vodka cranberry is all i fucks with :devious:....on a related note i'm still in bed hungover from yesterday but damn was it a good night :D.
  18. Damn guys i ended up leaving before i saw all these replies... BUT now i have some drinks to buy my 21st bday tomorrow!!! :hello: so thank you.

    Ended up having a crazy night let me tell you... Ended up drinking Budweiser to start the night, drank like 4 while i ate dinner. Then starting taking vegas bombs? which the bartender said was crown, peach something, and splash of cranberry juice, tasted good. Then had purple something which all i know had crown in it, and chugged about 4 of those whiskey and ginger ale drinks then my night i was blacked out, but coming back randomly throughout the night.


    I do remember chilling at the bar and talking to this older woman who was 40ish who was there with her FINE ASS MILF friend from florida who ended up straddling my leg and bouncing on my crotch! Then the other lady was telling me i was a "cute boy" lol and said SHE HAS FRIENDS THAT STRICTLY NEED SEX NO STRINGS ATTACHED!!!! Then she gave me her number!!! needless to say im in the process of texting her now. Ill keep you guys updated!:D
  19. Wait so hold up. If your 21st birthday is tommorrow how were you at the bar last night getting drinks??:confused:

  20. im a boss son!!

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