Hitting up Loveland and Vail to snowboard this week!

Discussion in 'General' started by DoblazE, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. How's the conditions over right now in Loveland and Vail if any blades haven't already shredded the area, if any of you have.. Mind giving me a ski report? :)

    I'm currently driving through Santa Fe right now from Phoenix, so about another 6-7 hours till I hit Denver. :wave:
  2. Loveland is alright, but really not worth it if you've snowboard before. I don't like Vail very much either. Breckenridge is unbeatable if you ask me. Some of the best slopes in the country and the people up there are tight as hell. There is also a ton more bud and party's in Breckinridge.
  3. Thanks man! I decided to hit up Breckenridge instead of Loveland, they got 7 more runs (16 total open) and that's potentially twice as much more than Loveland and then I'll hit up Vail afterwards considering they got 21 open right now. Thanks for the information mate!

    I wish Wolf Creek was in my way, i'd love to hit up that mountain.

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