hitting the vaporizer through the bong?

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  1. Ive been meaning to try this for the longest time. the vape to bong attachment peice only costs 20 bucks but getting to the closest paraphernalia shop is a lot of time and effort were I live. can somebody who has tryed vapor bong hits please tell me what its like. Is the high better? does it make that much of a difference?:confused: is the peice worth going out to buy?
  2. I think you just put the whip to the bowl of the bong and hit it.. didn't know you needed an attachment.

    I've also been curious about this though haha I've seen pictures of it all over the place
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    its suuuuuper smooth ive done it with both Iolite and Silver Surfer...

    I find vapor somewhat dry so i use a water bong to help things out..Its awesome.

    The best liquid i've used is HOT black tea...fucking AWESOME.

    No matter how awesome toker you're a good vape like SSV can tickle your throat and make you cough...And its rather dry. The water bong attachments allows smoother vapor so I can intake more without feeling the tickle, so in that sense, I can take in more vapor which means more herbal goodness...

    In conclusion the best way to consume is to vape and use a water bong. (IMO)
  4. I wouldnt recommend use anything other than water, and OP it is a lot better. Try putting the whip directly into our downstem, if it doesnt fit snug than you need an O ring or the whip attachment.
  5. It's wonderful. Huge vapor hits.

  6. Thanks brah

  7. nuff said, thanks :bongin:

  8. you can, but it fits much nicer with the peice:p

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