Hitting the big 3-0-0-0

Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta_Man, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. I think post number 3,000 deserves a thread of it's own.

    Not many people have reached that many.

    Thanks for being here to listen to me rant, GC!

    Keep blazin' :smoking:
  2. congrats man.
  3. Congrats, R_M!!!!

    Here's to 3,000 more!! :hello:
  4. Gratz man, good seein you stickin around man, this bowls for you
  5. Oh 3000 that is fucking cool man I hope to have that many one day. JOE>
  6. dude you are the man
  7. Conrats R_M. Next is the big 10 000, stick with us!

  8. Congatulations rasta man :D Here's to the next 3000:metal:
  9. congrats man, keep it up :smoking:
  10. siicckkkk man hahaha nice..... i hope i get that many :smoking: keep on posting:smoking:
  11. Congrats, dude.

    I just reached 3000 on my other forum (Drumming).
    It will be a while, if I ever do, before I get it here.
  12. Congrats Bro!
  13. Congradulations Rasta_Man. I always love to hear what you have to say. Here's to 3000 more. This bowl's for you man.

    jah bless
  14. i dedicate the rest of this spliff(hanging out of my mouth) to you. congrats man!
  15. im almost at 3000 i think
  16. damn hoast, you beat me there! :wave:
  17. ill just celebrate my 4200 post
  18. man you guys have A LOT of free time.
  19. Haha sometimes i'm on here for like an hour and a half without realizing it.

    I just love this forum.

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