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hitting someone up for bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by matthe, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. i met this guy at a party and bought some bud i got his # but what should i say to him cause i dont think he has mine... any tips would be nice.
  2. "yo this is ___. We met at the party last night. You good?"

  3. I second this so much I am envious I did not say it first.
  4. it was like 2 weeks ago would that make a diffrence?

  5. No, always remember hes a dealer. He wants as much non sketch business as possible. He doesnt care how you get in touch with him because your paying him. Its like how hookers dont refuse to do business with fat old dudes.

  6. From past experience I can say plenty of dealers would turn down a sale if they felt sketched out, or uncomforatble about the deal. Ecspecially if its w/ a new customer.

    He probably remembers you though, just say "hey this is adam, we met at that party a few weeks ago, remember me?" Maybe dont mention anything about bud until he responds since he may not remember you or someone else has his phone or something
  7. "Hey bro met you at____party. Got bud?
  8. [quote name='"jcal123"']"yo this is ___. We met at the party last night. You good?"[/quote]

    This thread was ended 4 minutes after posting... Hahahaha

    I agree with all the above, just be cool and not sketchy and he wants your business!

  9. "yo this is ___. We met at the party 2 weeks ago. You good?" :smoke:
  10. Texting some dealers about anything that could be even related to weed can freak them out. I would shoot him a text and like others said say "hey man, this is _____. Could I call you for a sec or is this a bad time." That way it's all on him.

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