Hitting my new vap till im mashed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BlazinBeard, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. gonna see tonight how much it takes to get me good a proper mashed going to stream it on a site and i'll figure out how it works.

    Check this thread for details @ 2000 GMT

    Woop woop
  2. Are you smashed yet? I'm high as fuuuck

  3. im destroyeed i cant figure any thing out except c o d


  4. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZxHy1m1gB0]‪04082011130‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    this thing works like a diamond!
  5. haha nice dude, seems like your having a mighty high time:smoke:, i have that same vape its fucking amazing with the glowing blue bottom and remote, i would caution being more careful handling the vape bag tho, never would want one to tear and over time the inside seems to build up a resiny type substance, at least for me, i use it ALOT:smoke::smoke::smoke:, hapyy vaping

  6. Thanks man, i was blasted outta my mind. Its not a very different high, but it is more functional! I felt high, plain a simple just much more able to get tea, water, post here, make videos, play COD blah blah blah...

    Still i really enjoyed it! I've got a bead on a guy that can supply me with spare parts and stuffs which is good, so the bag breaking doesn't really bother me, i mean when i order some more i'll order 4 and when i start using the second or third bag i'll just order some more again.

    I already need to order a short elbow joint cause i broke the glass tubing on my first hit! some kinda instruction on what goes where, like a flat pack chest of draws would be good, 1 of these 2 of those, 2 of these... etc.

    oh and the smell, even with my window all but closed you couldn't smell it anywhere in tho house. And in my room i reckon just a tiny bit of incense would hide the smell, couple that with having a window open or breathing out a window and your set, you would have little to no smell... what i reckon the peeps in my house could smell was the weed, cause it was dank as shit!

    still i have to get to work and im looking forward to coming home, catch you guys later on!
  7. ya man i totally dig it being a more functional high and less couch locked. and thats awesome you can get spares chill like that im only only my 2nd bag right now and ive had my vape for about 10 months used allday everyday.thats funny you broke the joint, cux i broke that as well. i was hitting the vape before work and left in a hurry so i turned off the vape and left the bowl and joint in. i get back from work and everything has cooled, the bowl and joint are now fused together, so instead of reheating it up (that would take forver, i wanted to het high), i tried pulling it apart, now it was hard cuz my stuff is kinda resiny, short story long, my thumb crushed into the glass joint. and ya man totally no smell, no complaints from neighbors here in the apartment complex. peacdude:smoke:

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