Hittin the booze just isn't as good

Discussion in 'General' started by sir hits-a-lot, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Pretty much the same for all the other shit I've tried. I'm on a forced T-break and so I've been trying to drink when I end the day instead of smoking. I feel like i'm closing the doors to my mind and it sucks. I wish there was weed that didn't ding a drug test. I've been smoking tobacco like crazy as sort of a zubstitute at the end of the day but it just doesn't cut it. Today I had a few drinks with some friends and God it sucks I feel like I can't wrap my head around things like I used to be able to.

    Any suggestions to help a blade in dire need out?
  2. if you wanna smoke weed, smoke weed. if you don'tcan't, do something else because nothing is quite like it...

    big difference for me is weed changes the way I think while drinking feels like it just kinda hinders my thought process, although I can be pretty funny/emotionally open...
  3. Sounds like you need some better booze. What exactly are you drinking?
  4. hah I was twisted on some Ginger Ale and Seagrams the other night personally. pretty damn good combination, I remember callin it the Ginny Gin Gin

  5. dewar's white label.

  6. Good choice, sir.

    Usually what i drink if i choose to at all.
  7. Whats a fine scotch man.

    I like to end the night with a few beers or some wild turkey.

    My suggestion would make the best of what you have until you choose to smoke again.

  8. Well it's a complicated situation and I can't smoke for a while. Like a long while. I'm tryna hold out until I get some pain meds for when I get my wisdom teeth out. So I have a legit reason as to why I fail my next DT.

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