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HitsFromTheZong&Mr.Widow's Smoke Sesh (Pictures&Videos)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HitsFromTheZong, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Here are some pictures from our smoke session earlier today. We cleaned the bong to make it like new. The weed we were smoking was some Maui Wowie that Mr. Widow posted earlier.

    Here is the freshly cleaned bong and some nugs:

    A macro shot of the Maui:

    The first packed bowl:


    And a video:

    Mr. Widow:
    And video (Bowl was pretty cashed):

    Well, enjoy!
  2. good times. and the Arby's soon afterwards was amazing, too.
  3. Wish I woulda stuck around.....I dint expect to hear from you til later on in the day. Caught me runnin.

    Next time....nice meetin you HFTZ!
  4. Man, very nice piece, and that looks like some dank weed.
  5. whoa i spy a yellow lighter!
  6. its actually orange, but it works as good as yellow.
  7. It's actually black, but a certain wind from El Nino mixes in with the weed...It's very scientific actually, I won't go into it now.
  8. looks like some dank bud and sweet bong dude how much did it run u
  9. I'm pretty sure it was 200.
  10. yeah. its one of the new JBD that is rumored to actually now made by Amsterdam Design Studios, aka ADS , (which doesn't bother me, cause they too, make amazingly beautiful and thick glass, which is all that matters to me) And it cost me $200 even.
  11. 08/09/2008 Had another session today and took some pictures.

    Here is the weed, it was some kind of kush:

    The bong loaded with some ice and the kush:


    Me (HitsFromTheZong):

    Mr. Widow:

    We are going to start doing this on a regular basis and post all of our pictures in this thread, so keep checking back!
  12. Fuuuuun!!!!

    Im not busy much next cats should come over and kick it......
  13. You and your friend are both pulling the wrong part of the stem to clear your bong. You're supposed to pull the thru-stem so the fresh air doesn't get contaminated by the bong water. Think about it. Otherwise, why would they have the thru-stem?
  14. I pulled it through the downstem on my video then I cleared the rest of the bowl and downstem through the bowl pull-through.

  15. Otherwise, they would have the 2nd joint so that if you break your diffusor you can easily replace it, and to remove it for cleaning.

    I like clearing through the downstem, if you keep your bongwater clean its no problem.
    When I remove the whole downstem to clear it i'm always afraid the bowl will fall out.

  16. Hahaha, that made me laugh.. too tired and stone to say much else....oh, nice bud man.

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