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  1. Think this is in the right area but has anyone else on here done it?

    I have had a few experiences but am hoping too go on a longer trip trip with some camping/ hiking and possibly canoeing as well. Anyone have experience with these longer trips?
  2. well ive hitch hiked twice (successfully, anyway. most people give me one look and speed up, you know hoe it is)
    both times i managed to get a lift i was stoned out of my brain
    both times the driver noticed
    both times they were completely cool with it, one of the times the lady was on her way from dropping her little kid at a friends house and was on her way to score! good times.

    I think hitch hiking is a great way to travel, and id really love to do what it sounds like youre planning to do, i love hiking, kayaking, canoeing etc, and hitchiking adds to that experience. however modern society has killed hitchiking. either the guy whos picking you up could kill you, or he thinks youre gonna kill him. being stoned only adds to this paranoia sometimes i guess, but i found it easier to talk to these generous drivers when wrecked.

  3. Over spring break I hitched from Nashville to Chicago. I messed up my knee so on the way back I took the Megabus to Indianapolis for like $25 and hitched from there.

    I just recently hitched from Nashville to Atlanta and then took the bus to Greenville and hitched to Asheville.

    It is a great way to meet people. Probably my favorite way to travel.

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