Hitchhiking to Cali?

Discussion in 'General' started by dudeimoncoke, May 24, 2010.

  1. So I've been planning a road trip to Cali with a friend for like 2 months now and he decided he can't afford to drive there and back. So I was looking on Craigslist for rides and there are a bunch of people driving to Cali this summer. I live in NY so chances are we would need rides from a bunch of different people.

    What do you guys think? Good idea or bad?
  2. Lol obviously not like that. It's not really hitchhiking, it's more like getting a cross country cab online.
  3. You could try it. I wouldn't,, what if the guy giving you the ride decides to fuck you up big time, maybe by leaving you stranded without money or whatever. Pretty sketchy man. But go ahead.
  4. Make sure your gun and knife are easily accessible.
  5. Best carry some kind of concealed weapon on you. You never know what kind of crazy fuckers you can run into on the road. Take it from me, I've worked in trucking for 3 years now, you run into some real assholes, and plenty of psychos. Be careful for sure.
  6. I'm definitely going to have a knife on me. I was emailing with some guy that's moving to Cali and will have an RV. I'll go meet up with him and talk to him before we go but he doesn't sound crazy. Anyway, I'm in for this trip for the experience. I don't give a shit if we travel all summer and never make it to Cali. It will be amazing and that's all I care about. I just wanted to see if anyone else would consider it. Also, some advice would be nice.
  7. It would be a Bonus if he smoked weed lol. Give him hints maybe? Or maybe not, cause if he doesnt, you'll likely ruin your trip.
  8. haha i would do it man.

    but i would much prefer to travel around the country all summer, with friends.
  9. Go for it you brave little toaster.
  10. Granted there are some nuts out there, majority of people will be good honest folk. Go for it dude, You have to meet a real physcopath to get murdered..
  11. Did you check prices on Greyhound or Amtrak? Greyhound is usually decently priced
  12. A few years ago my friends skateboarded all the way from chicago to newyork over summer. They were filming a documentary along the way called Shred America (you should youtube it) But anyways along the way where they werent camping out in the mountions or sides of roads they would crash at peoples houses, im pretty sure the site is couchsurfers.com or .org I can't remember and im to lazy to check bcuz im baked, but anyways you should catch rides with people and then find some places to crash over night... Good luck!
  13. hitchhiking - i've done it.

    you could either end up with a bunch of great experiences, a bunch of shady ones, or end up dead. death is highly unlikely.
  14. You're my new favourite blade.
  15. Man it's gonna be hard as fuck as a guy to be able to hitch hike or do anything of the sorts, it just isn't safe being a male trying to hitch hike. It'll be hard unless you're a big boobed chick, then it will be easier, and safer.

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