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Hitchhiking plan help.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PEACE_ESKIMO, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. So, i about to set off on a 2 month hitchhiking trip.

    i plan on starting at Rothbury music festival, and im not sure what else.

    i defidently want to see yonder mountain string band, and go to a bluegrass festival as well.

    i need to end up somewhere in west USA.

    any ideas?
  2. 10k lake fest in mn is gonna be insane. its later in july, dont know the prices right now. but atmosphere, dave matthews, i think widespread panic, and tons of others will be there.

    not bluegrass just tons of ppl smoking bud and doing drugs

    oh and listening to dank fuckin music
  3. so much walking
  4. ha, i have nothing against non-blugrass! hell yea, ill be there.
  5. My only advice is to try your hardest not to look like a creep. Cause if you look like a creep you're going to be doing a whole lot of walking, and not a lot of hitching rides my friend.
  6. got it bro.

    so i need to find a music festival in central united states between July 5th and July 21st (bluegrass???)

    thanks guys!!
  7. Yo guys, Mile High music fest July 18-19 in denver CO!
  8. i dont know what the mile high fest is, but i really dont think youd be able to make it from denver to mn in those two days, its what 1100+ miles?
  9. yeah, i should be able to do it in 2-3 days, and im not really on a tight schedule, so i can miss a day and not sweat it...

    when im going that far ill probly just get a trucker thats going in that direction...

    All good music fest, West Virginia
  10. word, good luck to ya man with it all. definitely be something worthwhile
  11. whoaa
    why dont ya just drive?
  12. Thanks man, best of luck to yourself as well!

    Hemp Hoe Down in South Dakota Added!

    Cause hitching is free, fun, you meet people, and people seem to give me free drugs and money alot, no joke!
  13. hit up grocery stores on saturdays man, free samples:D
  14. ha, if you go to snack bars at closing they will usually give you the food that will go bad if it sits over night!

    i got a whole pizza from target once!
  15. very nice, might be able to get shit from perkins too. they throw their shit out every night, get some pie a la road jk
  16. oh and ziggy marley, 311 and the expendables are having shows the whole summer starting on the east coast and working their way west. thatd be one sick show
  17. nice. added seattle hemp fest, and i think thats basically all im gonna plan. gotta figure how the fuck i'm gonna get the cash for this.

    Thanks guys!

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