Hitchhiking experiences.

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  1. Considering a trip, drop some details for me. Good or bad.
  2. Went hitchhiking with my girlfriend through Europe with my ex before got picked up somewhere in Germany cant remember the exact place now, Anyway was picked up by a couple in their early twenties like me talk soon turned to weed and when we got near the dutch border ended up getting brought to this grow op and got some of the tastiest weed I have had in years that was a top notch couple of days for me :), Go for it
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  3. Thinking about an adventure myself. . Check out David choe on youtube lol funny shit but motivating
  4. Use your instincts. Be smart, be safe.

    I've hitched in over a dozen countries. It's one of the most amazing and rewarding ways to travel. Best of luck mate.

    I have a thread about my experiences in Australia. Check it out if you're keen on some stories. That Time I Travelled Across Australia
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  5. [​IMG]

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  6. Fuck that

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  7. Fine and dandy to hitch rides...mostly. Roll armed. Trust your gut; you don't have to take rides with people who make your spine prickle, just wait for the next one.
    Stay walking, rather than standing still. Have a proper backpack or duffle for your stuff, lookin' clean, organised, like you got your shit together. These things make a better impression.
    Usually most comfortable if you can catch a pickup truck, so you just ride in the bed.
  8. It would be difficult to make it without going through a state where hitching is illegal. If you get checked out by a cop & you are armed, you will be in deep shit.

    Having some bad guy who is looking for an easy victim cross your path is a very real possibility. I would say the risk factors are high that something unpleasant may happen to you.

    found a place that has state by state laws on the subject.
    USA Laws on Hitching
  9. It's illegal in most states, but you can still get away with it.
    I hitched a few times when I was younger, in my teens. Not to get across the country, but usually because I ended up getting lost somewhere, separated from friends, friends car broke down. that type of situation.

    It can be risky, there are weirdos out there and the cops. When I did it I found I had better luck asking at truck stops or outside of gas stations or stores than just standing by the side of the road.
  10. In the UK it's quite safe to do so and more reliable than one would think. I got stuck in the middle of nowhere once and an old lady picked me up in the middle of the night, cooked me some leftovers, gave me five pounds and dropped me off 12 miles up the road at the train station.

    I was so happy I wrote her a thank you card and obviously returned the fiver.

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  11. I'm spending 3 months backpacking through Europe starting in august and I'll probably do a good bit of hitching to save money.
  12. Well one time when I was probably 13 my mom picked up this old man hitchhiking down our road in east bumfuck nowhere new Hampshire. He had apparently locked himself out of his car at the post office and was trying to walk about 5 miles to his house. So we brought him to his house to get his spare keys then brought him back to his car, but the whole time I was super nervous cuz there was a hatchet on the floor in the backseat where he was sitting lol

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  13. I have twice when my buddies ditched me. One was at an out of town bar and the other was a party on the other side of town. The first I got a ride. The second, I got a cab after walking a couple of miles and no one willing to pick me up..
  14. A long time ago I had an experience hitching a ride that I won't ever forget. I was about 15 and I had a girl in town about 15 miles away. I set off to see her and a lady stopped and picked me up I would guess her age to be 60 - 65. She started talking asking me all kinds of stuff like she was giving me the third degree. Then she reaches under her seat and pulls out a pistol. Saying I don't worry about who I pick up. They give me a problem I shoot'em. I was terrified for the rest of the ride.

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