hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

Discussion in 'Movies' started by CPipe, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. neone heard or seen this movie blazed watched half of it the first time i really got high but cant find it in any stores is it worth looking for?

    ps i HIGHly suggest walk hard the dewey cox story maybe one of the best movies ive ver seen high:smoke:
  2. You're better off reading the book,watching the television show, or listening to the radio show.

    The film had it's moments but was overall pretty dissapointing.
  3. You should get the old TV show on DVD. It's really good, and closer to the book.

  4. He speaks the truth, for the price of the DVD you could get a used or perhaps even new copy of he whole saga in book form. They have a sweet one with gold binding and shit, thats the one I got, pretty sure it was under $20.:yay:
  5. I got the whole series of books in the bargain section of Barnes and Noble for like $8.

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