Hitch-hiker last night

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  1. It was early night, I had just got in town and blazed to my music; turned ipod off and set on passenger seat. cruised over to a circle k. Hitch- hiker by the name of Bryan asked me for a ride. I gave him a lift down the road and he was drunk and turning up my radio (note the ipod was still off, we were listening to a rock radio station) to pre-blow out range and I'm havin fun enjoying the drive and then I drop him off in this lit up parking lot and he gave me a pair of socks and a steak, even though I kingly declined the offer. I wake up this morning and my ipod is gone!: wtf?

    What do you think happened to the ipod?
  2. are you seriously asking what we think happened to the ipod

    obviously stolen dude.

    id like to think otherwise but i think you already know what happened
  3. This is truely a mystery...

  4. so long and thanks for all the fish
  5. He probably shat himself one night and the sticky residue from the forementioned shit captured your ipod when he sat on the seat..He probably walked off with an ipod stuck to his ass without even knowing it. Now he's sitting in a bush rockin out to your ipod :smoke:
  6. Yeah, fuck the drunks...
  7. he traded you the socks and the steak for your ipod...duh.
  8. hahaha, yea I think he stole it too. damn

  9. DO you have a hitch hiker story?
  10. I bet you'll find under the seat or something, thats always how it goes when I think somethings stolen.

  11. haha, I hope not...but its inevitable, has to be...
  12. Three mother fuckers looking for a ride a 3 am came up to me at a gas station. They were obviously drunk and I was obviously high. Very rude, they were, so very rude, I was. Words were exchanged and I was 2 seconds from getting my stoned ass out of the car and knocking some drunks over. Figured it was best to just head home with my 1/4 o' dank, which is what I did. I can't stand drunk people...well, unless I'm drunk. *facepalm*

  13. true...hopefully the ipod shows up somewhere
  14. I have a really weird question...

    In the short time that you spent with him, did you actually ask him if he spelled his name "Bryan" instead of "Brian"? Or was that just a guess? :p

    I guess maybe that's an odd thing to be curious about... :hide:
  15. haha, no.. just a spelling

  16. Oh, okay. Thanks for indulging my odd question. :D Lol
  17. Now...I feel like an ass. I guess I ended up throwing it in the bottom of my notebook case! I found the ipod today and now I am laughing hahaha! WTF...a week ago I also got my window bashed in and the culprit grabbed my notebook case and apparently looked through it quickly missing the ipod haha. Fuck that fool! Anyway, I am happy that I got it back and even happier that I have never seen that hitchhiker again! This world is crazy smoke a joint with me...:smoking:
  18. Nice. My little brother has an ipod, but I never got into them. My cell phone holds 2 gigs of music and that's enough for me. I can't watch a movie while I'm driving anyways.

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