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  1. This ones for my EXOTIC smokers. Those in legal states now what I mean.
    Hell, originally being from an illegal state — I know some of my illegal smokers had to have gotten their hands on some exotic packs at least once before!
    But this ones for the true connoisseurs —those that are very opinionated towards their medicine. I personally enjoy a relaxing, “sedative” type high. So any Kush offspring has always been my friend :thumbsup::thumbsup:
    BUT —
    I also love TERPS
    Anything with true terps will make me want to smoke it —even if it’s not my normal choice indica! I love those tasty hybrids. One of my favorite hybrids is the Orange Tree strain. For those of you who haven’t heard of it— the name about sums it all up! Super orange citrusy smell. NOT tangerine (though I love me some Tangie as well :ey:) it has more of a fresh peeled orange smell that LINGERS in the container and on your fingers upon breaking it apart. One of my all time favorites. Currently have some Lemon OG shatter and Berry White cured resin waiting for me at home — YUM.
    Let me know what’s your favorite smoke, blades?
    Would love to hear what terps win over appeal for you!
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  2. I really like Durban Poison. I feel like it is very unique.

    Of course, some Sour D always hits the spot for me, too.

    I just love the flavor profiles of those strains. Maybe they aren't considered exotic, but they're super tasty.

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  3. As you know, we in illegalville have to just get what we get when we get it. Hey, Missouri has legal grow med now so we press on with hope elsewhere in the south.
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  4. I like Sour D as well.
    Always thought it had a unique nose in its own right even though it really isn’t my bowl of weed.
    Never tried Durbs though!
    My local delivery had some Orange Durban that sounded like it was right up my alley. But sadly I haven’t got any, and I’m not sure they even still have it :(
    Oh well, I am still on my never-ending quest of terp searching, so onwards I must go hahah.
    Sounds like your on your way brother. I’m from the south as well so I know what it’s like for the state to drag their feet on this whole pot thing. :bang::bang::bang:
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  5. Well, you could always just grow what you want.

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  6. I'm in the land of the illegal but refuse to be held back by that. I made 4 trips to Denver in the last 12 months and have grown 8 different strains also. But yeah actually shopping and finding the strains that work for you is a journey all its own.
    I've learned that your nose will tell you what you like .No need to waste time reading descriptions or percentages your body knows what it likes.
    And my favorite so far is Durban Poison it's very unique and easily identifiable. (Its the spice taste in GSC) I love it and am ordering some Durban Kush from Ethos for my next grow.
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  7. For some reason I always end up coming back to those classic flavors....

    Classic fuelly gassy OG diesel lemony Kushy goodness. It sounds cliche and we've all had those OG strains like this....but for me it never gets old. Garlic cookies/GMO has always been the most unique strain in this category for me it's out of this world

    A haze strain crossed with something with fruity genetics can give you that hazy rotting tropical fruit smell I've always loved. May sound bad but if you know what I mean you understand.

    On the other side of things: I've never seen what's the big hype terp wise with GSC. It's one of those flavors I like but I can't understand why it got so popular. It's distinct but it's never a flavor that I'm craving
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  8. High-five on the Durban Poison! I knew I wasn't alone.

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  9. Nice man. GMO is suuuper gas. I love proper OGs.. can never go wrong with them. But as far as cookies.. I feel you brother. The “cookie” terp is kinda basic and bland for the bag appeal. Never really tasted too exotic for me. But I can’t lie, some of its crosses are some of the best strains out right now. Like that GMO pheno.. right now I got some Dosidos.. probably my favorite OG x Cookies cross and definitely a great Cookie offspring
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    Yeah, that GC/GMO Skunkmasterflex cut is amazing, really anything you breed with it will be pure fire. I am also a big fan of A-DUB, especially the fruity-fuel p-type, its so yummy! But for me, even though there is so many wonderful newer cuts out there my all-time favorite from 1990 until today is Simon's 92 Kali Mist cut! Wow, that cut may not ever hit 20+ on the potency scale, but the myrcene terpenes you will find in every bud should make anyone that has the opportunity to smoke one or more of her buds understand why many true connoisseurs' have her on their list of the 10 greatest strains of all-time! Yeah, there aren't to many modern day strains out there that can match a 92 Kali Mist ride!
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