Hit on a 14 year old girl and saw my ex today

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by 93TheHitStick, May 12, 2011.

  1. So me and my friend go to safeway today. I basically woke up came on GC made a thread crying because i thought i missed my court date. Then put on some shoes and a hoodie and went to the store. Didn't wash my face. No laces in my shoes. Looking bummy as fuck.

    We get in the store and i think i see my ex. I'm like "fuck" because i don't want her to see me looking all bummy and go tell everyone lol. But i'm staring at this chick from the produce section and i realize nah thats not my ex. Then i start thinking shes kinda sexy. We meet eyes and she gives me the little half smile so i figure its time to approach.

    Now this chick was dressed like she was about to go to the club. Hair up. Short ass dress. Heels. And stockings. So i figure she is a high class type of hoe. So i quickly borrow my friends iphone. Walk on over there and since i am already looking bummy i didn't have shit to lose i opened up with "hey beautiful"

    So i am sitting here chatting her up pretending to text on the iphone so i look like i at least got some money. She is giggling at every corny joke and i start thinking "fuck this is easy" A bit to easy. Because who walks up but my Ex. First words out of her mouth "really jay? Shes 14"

    Turns out she was my exes little sister lol. I didn't stick around long after that because her dad and mom were mugging me hard. Might have something to do with me turning there oldest daughter out lol. Anyway i just said wassup and got out of there lol.

    14 year olds really shouldnt have body like that though.
  2. You never met your exes little sister but know her parents?
  3. you hella out of pocket....first rule of thumb never leave the house grimmey unless you have to lol....and how did you not know your ex's little sister lol can we please see a pic of the ex and the younger sister or i dont believe this happened
  4. So you didn't bang her?
  5. that shit made me laugh.
    mistakes happen, and then to get busted like that swag
  6. once again, pics or it didnt happen
  7. Yeah make sure next time you see a chick you have never met before to take a photo and post it on grass city.
  8. I don't know her family. I met her parents the first time i took her out. Then a couple of other times at football games. I have probably seen her sister now that i think about it but we went out freshman year. So shes done a lot of growing since then and like i said i never actually met her.
    I know bro. Never leave the house look grimey. And i don't think so. Like if they were both 18 then yea. Or if her sister was a bitch i would. But im not gonna steal there facebook pics and put them on here. Thats kinda fucked up.
  9. Lol i can actually get pics off of facebook. I have her sister and so i can probably steal her profile pic at least. But i'm not doing that.
  10. Took you long enough to reply. You had to come up some elaborate excuse. Liar.
  11. Yea bro. I just made up that pretty uneventful ass story to get a reaction. I mean seriously? If i was gonna make shit up i would have at least said i fucked her in my friends car then her sister came up and knocked on the window.

    Either way idc if you think i'm lying or not bro. Infact pm me and i'll show you da proofs.
  12. Lol. Did i say i hit on my current girlfriends sister bro? No. I am still with the girl from that thread btw. The girl i am talking about was a girl i dated freshman year of high school. I started going out with my current girlfriend my sophomore year of high school.:rolleyes:
  13. I just wish you weren't a liar.
  14. hahah props on the balls to walk up n hit on her
  15. That was a cool story, broski.
  16. Uh, in that thread you also said you were dating her for 2 years. So you were dating 2 girls at once eh?

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